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A Gaming PC is built in the perfect likeness of a Minecraft magma block.

by John Paul
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A fan has custom-built a gaming PC that is not only powerful but also a perfect replica of Minecraft magma block. Minecraft is so well-known that many can still recognize its blocky appearance even though they haven’t played it. Minecraft’s unique look has been admired by many artists over the years. Thanks to its distinctive look made up of hundreds of cubes and smaller items.

Minecraft allows players to build almost anything with blocks and Redstone. It’s not surprising that the game has inspired a lot of creativity both within and outside of the game. Minecraft players are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. So, fans have created many drawings, videos, and songs to add to the game. Fans are often a source of inspiration and creativity. For instance, this Minecraft Redstone circuit fan build gave life to the game’s crimson resource.

DaKrazyKid, who created the PC, is a specialist in custom RBG content. The block PC features over 400 LED lights that make it glow like magma blocks. SignalRBG’s LED lights can change style effects and colors. These include neon colors to “gradient snakes” and even matrix green flickering. A gap can be seen on the left side of the paneling to reveal the motherboard and lights. It also shows a Strider standing in a pool of “lava” (more lights). This is all contained within a series of textured panels modeled after Minecraft’s magma block. DaKrazyKid admitted that the block’s shape is not optimal for airflow. This means that it can heat up quite quickly. Some may view this as a problem in the design. Others might consider it to be an advantage, making it look accurately like a magma block.

The PC’s design is perfect, from the fine detail on the exterior paneling to the warm orange glow of the LED lights. The Strider interior is a charming touch. It looks even better when it stands on an LED lava patch. As mentioned, the light effects on this block are completely customizable. The user can make it magma- or orange-colored as they wish. They can also use the keyboard to adjust the mood to suit their Minecraft stories.

The DaKrazyKid’s creation is stunning in both design and craftsmanship. This PC will surely be a special Minecraft experience for anyone using it.



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