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A movie adaptation of Stephen King’s 90s book, The Regulators?

by John Paul
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Various of Stephen King’s books have received big screen treatment in the past. In fact, Stephen King is undoubtedly the most adopted author. His reign continues because this time, filmmakers are picking up The Regulators, his western horror novel from the 1990s.

Several films and TV show adaptations of this prolific horror writer’s work always remain in various stages of production. For instance, a sequel to 2019’s Pet Semetary is currently in post-production. Likewise, the Salem’s Lot reboot is also expected next year. Duffer brothers, the creators of Stranger Things, are also working on the Talisman, another long-gestating adaptation.

Deadline has reported that the latest adaptation of The Regulators is also in development. Bohemia Group owns the rights, and George Cowan will adapt the script. The movie will follow the story of a street in a small suburban Ohio town that is thrown into chaos by vans carrying shotgun-wielding regulators. They force residents to flee the area. The supernatural takes over the street. It becomes a child’s imagination of a Wild West town when an evil entity takes control of the body of an autistic boy. The boy’s parents were killed in a road shooting.

King wrote The Regulators under Richard Bachman’s pseudonym in the 90s. However, it was published “posthumously” following Bachman’s death. While Bachman’s previous adaptations, such as Thinner and The Running Man, are not among his favorites, the new and untested Bohemia Group and Cowan seem determined to turn that trend around. Edgar Wright is also currently working on King’s The Running Man remake.



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