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Actors of Canceled Stargirl React to Arrowverse Cancelation

by John Paul
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Several members of the Stargirl cast react to the news that their Arrowverse series has been canceled. The year 2022 has not been kind to The CW and its Arrowverse franchise, as the network has been grappling with new owners behind the scenes. All of The CW’s current shows have been affected by the recent sale of 75% of the network’s ownership to Nexstar, which followed the 2006 merger of The WB and UPN to form The CW. With Greg Berlanti at the helm of the Arrowverse, the cancellation of Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman at the end of their respective seasons by The CW was a major blow to the franchise. In addition, Naomi, another new DC TV show, was canceled after a single season despite having no connection to the Arrowverse.

Superman & Lois was renewed for a third season, while The Flash was renewed for a ninth. However, the fate of the former remains to be determined following its upcoming season. Furthermore, in 2019, Gotham Knights, a new DC TV drama from the CW, will debut with no continuity with the currently airing shows. Finally, season 3 of Stargirl has kept the Arrowverse afloat so far this autumn. However, on Monday, The CW announced that the show would not return for a fourth season. Stargirl’s series finale will premiere in early December.

Now that the cancellation of Stargirl has been officially confirmed by The CW, numerous regular cast members have spoken out against the decision. Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger), Beth Chapel (Angelika Washington), Tigress (Joy Osmanski), and Sportmaster (Neil Hopkins) voice actors all chimed in with their thoughts. Upon learning that Stargirl had been canceled, they immediately turned to social media to express their sadness.

How Stargirl Could’ve Returned in The Arrowverse

Even though Stargirl has been canceled, that doesn’t imply that these characters will no longer play a significant role in the Arrowverse. Although Stargirl isn’t technically a spinoff of the Arrowverse, it does exist in the same continuity as the rest of the franchise thanks to the revelation in Crisis on Infinite Earths that the DC drama takes place on a revised Earth-2, an alternate universe previously explored in The Flash. Superman & Lois season 3 takes place on an unnamed planet, whereas The Flash season 9 is set on Earth-Primary. This leaves the door open for Stargirl’s reappearance in either show. Additionally, Courtney might be introduced into either reality as part of a multiverse arc if either show wished to include Stargirl.

At this time, Stargirl may have little chance to appear in The Flash season 9, led by Grant Gustin, because the show’s many stories will be closing up before the series finale. Even if season 4 of Superman & Lois is greenlit and the idea of introducing the adolescent heroine is intriguing, it wouldn’t air for at least another year. There may not be much of an Arrowverse left by the end of the 2022–2023 TV season, considering how many shows The CW has canceled this year, especially in the superhero genre. Stargirl’s third and final season will end on The CW on Wednesday, December 7. Hence, viewers still have a few weeks to catch up on the DC adolescent drama.



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