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Amber Heard escapes to Spain.

by John Paul
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Months after the Johnny Depp case, Amber Heard reportedly went to Spain to escape Hollywood.

In 2015, Heard tied the knot with Johnny Depp. After Heard filed for divorce from Depp in May 2016, citing domestic violence in her petition, the news quickly went viral. Later, Depp sued the British tabloid The Sun for defamation related to their coverage of Heard’s domestic abuse charges and Heard herself for a defamatory op-ed published in the Washington Post under her name. While Depp was unsuccessful in the first lawsuit, the second became a public spectacle after Heard filed a countersuit. The trial ended with a jury finding both Depp and Heard liable for slander and leaving Heard $8.35 million in debt to Depp. Heard’s accusations and the subsequent court trials drew enormous criticism. Much of this criticism came from online users.

Amber Heard reportedly isn’t on vacation in Spain but rather trying to avoid her Hollywood obligations. The Aquaman star went into hiding after the conclusion of the Johnny Depp case, emerging only for interviews. She also stopped using social media. The actress had previously been to Israel, though.

Heard has now made the trip over the ocean to the continent of Europe. In attendance are Oonagh, her daughter, and Bianca Butti, the woman she is rumored to be dating. She is reportedly having a fantastic time with her daughter, and the natives are warming up to her. Internet users, however, blasted her for going on vacation rather than paying the damages she owes to Johnny Depp.

Another source claims that Amber Heard has left Hollywood and is currently living in Spain. But, of course, we’re all aware of the vicious backlash she’s taken from Johnny Depp’s fanbase. As a result, friends, including Cara Delevingne, Margot Robbie, Kristen Stewart, and others, are rumored to have abandoned her.

Reports from the National Enquirer’s anonymous sources state about Amber Heard.

“Knows she’s toast in Hollywood since Johnny Depp’s got the most powerful players lining up to cast him and the majority of A-listers firmly on his side. By moving somewhere like Spain, she hopes to reinvent herself, leave her money woes behind, and start fresh with her daughter.”

“She can see herself living in Spain, where no one accuses her of being a conniving liar, but she won’t get away with trying to run from justice,”

The information source elaborated. But these are only speculations. Meanwhile, it was previously discovered that Amber employed a pseudonym to rent the home in Spain.

As per rumors, Amber Heard has hired a property owned by a politician just released from prison and is living as Martha Jane Cannary.



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