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AMD adds USB 4 support to the Ryzen 6000 Mobile Chipset.

by John Paul
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AMD has officially published a new chipset driver, version, focusing on AMD’s new Ryzen 6000 Rembrandt mobile platform. The driver contains six new drivers, one of which adds USB 4 functionality to Windows 10 and 11. For the time being, this driver only supports Ryzen 6000, but we expect support to grow to Ryzen 7000 once AMD’s AM5 platform is released later this year.

USB 4 is the most recent version of the USB communication standard, and it provides significant improvements over the earlier USB 3.2 requirements. The most significant change is a bandwidth increase to 40Gbps on “high-end” USB4 connections, which is the same as Thunderbolt 3. However, the USB4 specification provides for slower 20Gbps implementations if lower cost or power constraints are needed. Because of its 40Gbps speeds, USB 4 can also function with Thunderbolt 3 devices, however integration is optional for manufacturers.

The AMD Ryzen 6000 CPU is the first to completely adopt the USB 4 standard, with USB 4 fully incorporated into the chip itself. Fortunately, the only supported version is the 40Gbps implementation, so you can be certain that any Ryzen 6000 notebooks with a USB 4 connector will have the top-tier specification.

The Wireless Button Driver, PMF Driver, PPM Provisioning File Driver, AMS Mailbox Driver, and S0i3 Filter Driver are the other five drivers included in this chipset update. Apart from the wireless driver, it is unknown which of the four remaining drivers will be specific to the Ryzen 6000 mobile.

There are just two updates that solely affect Ryzen mobile platforms. The first pertains to AMD power management software, which now has better Ryzen 9 mobile support. The second is the SFH driver getting support for aircraft mode notifications.



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