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‘Andor’ Is the Most Versed ‘Star Wars’ Can Get; Diego Luna says No Jedi Around.

by John Paul
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Recent interviews with the upcoming Andor’s cast and crew are teasing more accurate details about the Star Wars show. The series will showcase the formation of the Rebel Alliance. The formation will lead up to the Battles of Scarif and Yavin. However, the series is more about the people who formed the Rebellion.

Screen Rant recently interviewed Diego Luna to dig some more about the upcoming series. When he was asked what is new that Andor will explore and the rest of the Star Wars movies or shows have not. The actor stated:

“I wouldn’t say it that way. I would say that Andor is the most grounded Star Wars you’ll get. This is about the people. There’s no Jedi around, and it’s very dark times in the galaxy. It’s when the people have to come together, articulate a response, and work in communities because the Empire is growing and control is everywhere. People have been marginalized, and there’s no freedom. You have these communities having to react. It’s the most human that the experience of Star Wars can get. This Star Wars is about regular people like you and me, and I think that connection is going to be special. It’s the most realistic—if you can say realistic because obviously, they live in a galaxy far, far away. But it should feel realistic to you because we want that proximity. We want you to reflect [on] yourself with these characters on this journey.”

Tony Gilroy reaffirmed Diego’s statement in his interview with Variety:

“I wanted to do it about real people. They’ve made all this IP about the royal family, in essence. It’s been great. But there’s a billion, billion, billion other beings in the galaxy. There are plumbers and cosmeticians. Journalists! What are their lives like? The revolution is affecting them just as much as anybody else. So why not use the ‘Star Wars canon as a host organism for absolutely realistic, passionate, dramatic storytelling?”

He also informed about the appearance of legacy characters in season 1, but not as a fan service. Instead, the characters’ appearances will align with the story timeline. Andor will show events from five years before the original Star Wars. Also, the upcoming series is concurrent with Star Wars: Rebels. So, the facts, timeline, and alignment with Rebels make a lot of room for the familiar characters to appear in Andor.

Kyle Soller plays Syril Karn, the Imperial Security Bureau officer in Star Wars. He also expressed his amazement about the current script in his recent interview:

“It was completely different from what I expected the Star Wars scripts to look like. I had to flip back and look at the title: No, this is Star Wars. I just felt like, ‘Wow, this is incredibly grown up, gritty, messy.’”.

It is not only the cast who is giving realistic teasers about Andor. We can see the same grounded nature on the set as well. For instance, the crew is building everything instead of using green screens. Adria Arjona, another cast of Andor, told Variety:

“I imagined that I was either going to be on a green screen or that I would have been in front of a virtual set. Instead, they created an entire city. Ferrix actually exists. I was there.”

Denise Gough (Supervisor Dedra Meero) also expressed his enthrallment seeing the set:

“There was what looked like a sushi bar, and I looked in one of the bowls, and there were blue noodles. In the next one, there was a skewer with some sort of strange animals on it. I thought, ‘Wow, nobody’s ever going to see this. This is all done for us.'”

The interviews, trailers, and other promotional material that we have seen to this point hint at real-world parallels. This will be an even more grounded show than Rogue One.

All the Star Wars fans are eager to see the results of such great efforts and investment. However, the good news is that we will not have to wait much longer. Disney+ is releasing Andor’s first three episodes on September 21.



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