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Assassin’s Creed Mirage rated £35 at Major UK Retailer.

by John Paul
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Preorders for Assassin’s Creed Mirage are now possible in the UK. Prices start at PS44.99 for Standard Edition on Ubisoft Store, then go up to PS49.99 for Deluxe Edition, and finally PS129.99 Collector’s Edition. However, preorders can be made at GAME in the UK, where both the Standard Edition and Deluxe Editions are listed at PS34.99 as of the writing.

This could be a temporary mistake or an incredible deal. GAME won’t charge you until the game is released (pay on delivery), so there’s nothing to lose by pre-ordering. GAME may correct this error if it is that, so it is recommended that you check it as soon as possible.

The product at GAME has one drawback. You will need to pay delivery charges for AC Mirage when it launches. In reality, the Deluxe Edition will cost you PS39.99. However, it still remains PS10 less compared to Ubisoft’s list price.

If you feel more knowledgeable, you can opt to pick up the game at your local store once it launches. You will also be charged PS5, but GAME will reimburse you by giving you a PS5 coupon to use in-store. Although this may not be as great as free delivery or click and collect, it is better than nothing and something you should know before placing your order.

Your next thought will be: Why a new version of Assassin’s Creed costs PS35-50 only? This isn’t a huge RPG, but Assassin’s Creed will have a tighter story and more gameplay.

Although this is speculation, it is likely that the game will not be listed at the premium prices for AAA AAA games in the UK (PS65-PS70). Because it is a smaller version of the Creed titles, the price for this game will be around PS50.

What’s included in the Deluxe Edition Preorders -?

You can preorder the Mirage Deluxe Edition if you wish. However, there aren’t many extras. But it’s the same price as standard, so you can go for it.

Ubisoft claims that the Deluxe pack will unlock a Prince of Persia-inspired outfit and eagle and mount skins, weapons, and more. GAME also claims you will receive the digital artbook and soundtrack bonus. In addition, preorders include the bonus quest, The Forty Thieves.

As for the game’s release date, we don’t know when Assassin’s Creed Mirage is due to arrive on the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, or Xbox One. Ubisoft simply stated that the game would be released in 2023. Therefore, the December 31, 2023, date on the GAME listing is just a placeholder.



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