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Batman animated series’ voice cast celebrates its 30th anniversary.

by John Paul
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Batman: The Animated Series, which initially premiered in 1992 on the fox network, was labeled as an after-school show. However, the series established Batman for several generations and introduced DCs first shared universe on TV. The series is on the verge of its 30th anniversary and remains fans’ favorite even after decades. Many additional television programs and motion pictures were influenced by the series, including the Batman Beyond sequel series. It was set millennia after the happenings of the first one.

Fans celebrate a significant milestone today as the iconic series has completed 30 years of success. As everyone celebrates the anniversary, the date draws a lot of attention. In addition, the series’ voice cast is also enthusiastically participating in the celebration. For example, we can see Mark Hamill’s tweet circulating on the internet regarding the topic. His tweet reflects how happy he is about getting the Joker’s role in the series 30 years back.

Kevin Conroy, Hamill’s co-star, has tweeted about the occasion too. Kevin Conroy, fans’ favorite for his Batman role in other ventures, also expressed his appreciation for the momentous occasion. He shared the piece of CBR news, calling him a “Definitive Batman.” Well, many viewers of the series would agree with it. Conroy also shared the fan work featuring his face combined with the mask of the Dark Knight.



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