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Battlefield 2042 coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Season 3

by John Paul
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EA has added Battlefield 2042 to Xbox Game Pass as part of its ongoing effort to win back skeptical fans as the third season of the troubled shooter prepares for release.

EA has confirmed that Season 3 of EA Access will include Battlefield 2042, meaning that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will have access to the game. Through the end of the year, EA will also be offering free play on all platforms.

EA has yet to announce the release date for Season 3. However, the company did announce that Classes would return to Battlefield 2042 in Update 3.2. In addition, as part of the overhaul being implemented for Specialists in Battlefield 2042, they will be given more distinct responsibilities on the battlefield and access to unique devices and equipment.

According to EA, the improvements have undergone extensive testing. Additionally, the company will shortly be introducing yet another Assault Specialist. EA has also stated that both the Manifest and Breakaway maps would be updated for Battlefield 2042, with Breakaway receiving a “major revamp.”

EA has been discreetly developing Battlefield 2042 for the past year, despite the game’s lack of public interest. The second season was generally well-received by viewers. Thanks to its many enhancements over the original and the introduction of exciting midseason events.

The release of Battlefield 2042 was notoriously shaky. Longtime fans of the franchise complained about the game’s unclear direction, badly accepted features like the Specialists, and excessively huge battlefields. Early this year, EA admitted that the shooting game “did not fulfill expectations” due to this problem.

Now, season 3 will bring a new Battle Pass,n events, and several quality-of-life changes, in addition to the new Specialist and the reworked maps. Classes are expected to begin rolling out in early 2023, with EA estimating a go-live date of “a few weeks.”



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