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Best friend expected to become nemesis, Hobgoblin, in future Spider-Man projects

by John Paul
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Peter Parker’s best friend Ned is expected to turn his back on his friend. He has recently shared a picture on Instagram, holding the Hobgoblin action figure. It’s a subtle hint that the rumor we are hearing regarding his changed character in the upcoming Spider-Man is actually happening.

We can pick some other elements hinting towards the big turnaround of the plots from Marvel’s final part of the Homecoming trilogy. The final part was released last year and earned more than $1.9 billion worldwide. The movie reunited Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland’s Spider-Men and the significant villains from Sony’s history. The gang emerged in the multiverse romp to develop the new traits in the characters of Peter Parker, MJ, and Ned in surprising ways.

While MJ and Peter Parker surprisingly got separated in a memory lapse frolic. Ned, Peter’s best friend, took control of events in Peter’s absence. He used Doctor Strange’s Sling Ring and harnessed its power surprisingly well to open portals to invite Spider-Man variants. In the same movie, Maguire’s Peter informs Ned about how he had to kill his best friend, Harry Osborn, in his defense. Many viewers could not absorb Ned’s reaction to the news at that time. However, the news takes us back to the scene, and we can see how comically and fearfully he reacted to the news.

Now, the blockbuster nods to the news of Ned transforming into Hobgoblin in the Marvel comics. The comic shows Ned promising Holland’s Peter that he will never become an enemy and a supervillain. On the other hand, the MCU’s Ned has incredibly diverged from his counterpart in the comic book. Despite the mixed feelings around Ned’s future role in the movie, many Spiderman fans still suspect that Ned will wield Jack ‘O’ Lantern/Hobgoblin bombs in future Spiderman films.



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