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Brosnan of Black Adam may possibly return as Dr. Fate.

by John Paul
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Star of Black Adam Pierce Brosnan mentions returning to the DC Universe as Dr. Fate in the future. Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam film has officially launched in theatres around the globe, introducing one of the DC Universe’s newest bigwigs – after being caught up in development hell for years. Its plotline is focused on Teth-Adam’s unfortunate backstory and how he rose from an enslaved Kahndaq to a divine entity between his people.

The film also launched a new set of legendary characters into the DC Universe to help expand the franchise. In addition, Black Adam marked the cinematic comeback of the Justice Society of America – the Golden Age team before the Justice League. Hawkman, Cyclone, Atom Smasher, and Doctor Fate made up this new version of the JSA. The first three protagonists escaped the scenes, and Brosnan’s Doctor Fate died in the final conflict against Sabbac, the supervillain.

But besides Dr. Fate’s unfortunate death, his story in the DCU might not be finished. Brosnan discusses his possible future with the film series after the end of Black Adam in a recent interview with USA Today. He responds with a rather upbeat response, stating:

So I believe the door is now open. I am still determining where this is going. I know one thing for sure I’m very proud of my work as Dr. Fate and gratified to become a part of the DC comics universe.

However, as Kent’s body and Nabu’s helmet vanished into thin air in front of Black Adam and JSA – DCU seems to have an easy out in this case! Besides his horrific fate, Dr. Fate is one of the most powerful magic users in the DCU Universe, and it will not change. So, seeing as Doctor Fate’s helmet vanished in the same way as Kent, it won’t be surprising if sequels adapted the concept of a piece of his mind being contained within the helmet. On the contrary, it’s also possible that Kent used his power to fool everyone into thinking he died. In fact, he may be teleported apart, realizing that others can take down Sabbac on their own.


Given the numerous possibilities, Black Adam may not be the final appearance of Brosnan’s Doctor Fate in the DC Universe. Whether he’s not dead or merged with Nabus Helmet, it would be wonderful to see Brosnan returning to the DCU. If in the future, DC Studio possibly features Khalid Nassour to be the next Dr. Fate, it will be fun to watch. In fact, it would be a great combo and entertaining to see the former hero guides the new one. But everything depends on whether or not the Black Adams sequel will be released. Now the time will tell if Brosnan will be back as Dr. Fate in the DCU or not.



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