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Charlie Hunnam teases his potential return as Jax with Sons of Anarchy.

by John Paul
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Charlie Hunnam has hinted at a possible Jax comeback with Sons of Anarchy nearly a decade after the show’s original finale. Kurt Sutter’s FX show followed Charlie Hunnam’s character, Jax Teller, and the other members of the eponymous biker gang as they dealt with internal power struggles, rivalry with other gangs, and dodging the law while running guns. Sons of Anarchy started in 2008 and received mostly positive reviews throughout its run, with star Katey Sagal even receiving a Golden Globe for her work in the show.

The critical and commercial success of Sons of Anarchy led to the development of a franchise that includes the spinoff series Mayans MC, which follows the namesake Latino motorcycle club, and a projected prequel that would examine the foundations of the original club. Despite Sutter’s dismissal from Mayans MC due to many behavior complaints from the crew, the spinoff is doing well enough to have been renewed for a fifth season in July. However, whether or not there will be further franchise expansions is still uncertain. In any case, one famous face from the Sons of Anarchy universe is getting ready to return to the spotlight.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Charlie Hunnam recently discussed the prospect of a Sons of Anarchy revival. The actor who plays Jax has indicated an interest in making a return and hinted that plans are on to do so. Hunnam shared:

“I have an idea I’m exploring in its infancy where that could be possible. It would be something that I would be incredibly excited about, so we’re sort of, like I said, in the infancy of exploring the viability of the idea.”

Hunnam’s possible interest in bringing Jax back to Sons of Anarchy is complicated by the character’s unresolved destiny. The FX crime drama series finale saw Charlie Hunnam’s popular protagonist kill himself to bring Sons of Anarchy back on track. He was depicted riding his motorcycle head-on into an oncoming semi while being pursued by police. This end is met with mixed reactions, much like the finale of The Sopranos. It may come as a surprise to learn that Hunnam has confirmed an idea for a future Sons of Anarchy Jax return, given that several people found this to be an emotionally satisfactory and relatively final ending.

It’s not unheard for a series to bring back a major character for the following season, no matter how improbable it may seem. In the original Dallas, Patrick Duffy’s Bobby Ewing was brought back with the explanation that it was all a dream. In the Roseanne revival, John Goodman’s Dan Conner was brought back and now stars in the spinoff show The Conners. As for the original Sons of Anarchy series finale cut to black right before Jax got hit by the truck, it could be explained he survived the crash. While we wait, fans of Mayans MC and Sons of Anarchy may watch the entire series on Hulu.



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