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Christina Ricci claims Yellowstone 2 to be crazier than season 1

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As Christina Ricci tells fans, the second season of Yellowjackets is “crazier” than the first. The show follows a high school soccer team over two different time periods: one focuses on the group’s efforts to survive in the wilderness after an aircraft crash. The other focuses on the lives of several survivors as adults. The juvenile Yellowjackets turn to tribalism and cannibalism in order to live throughout the first season’s tumultuous events. At the same time, their older counterparts are threatened by a mystery cult-like group.

With the return of Yellowjackets rapidly approaching, star Christina Ricci has decided to provide fans with some exciting news. During a Watch What Happens Live appearance, Ricci was asked about Yellowjackets season 2. She recalled her thoughts of reading the scripts for the first two episodes, calling the second season “crazier” than the first, and expressing her enthusiasm for reuniting with Elijah Wood. Read on for some words from Ricci:

“I can’t say too much about season two except that it’s even crazier than season one. I was gasping reading the first two-episode scripts, and working with Elijah has been amazing. We’re having so much fun, and yeah, it’s been great.”

What’s there for the Yellowjackets in Season 2?

Yellowjackets season 1 ended with both eras of the soccer team in disarray. It looks like things are only going to get worse from here. The death of Jackie is the final straw that breaks the 1996 plane crash timeline, sending the camp in the direction of cannibalism, as encouraged by Lottie in the first few minutes of the show. The grown-ups that made it to the present day don’t have it much better, with the season 1 finale establishing that Lottie is once again to blame for their plight. Simone Kessell has been cast as Lottie, the adult version of the Yellowjackets’ Antler Queen. The latter was only hinted at in the pilot episode. This bodes poorly for the show’s remaining survivors in the impending second season.

Fans will be thrilled to hear Ricci’s predictions, even if it’s hard to fathom how the next season of Yellowjackets could be possible to top the current one. There’s been talk of adding additional adult survivors to the show’s present timeframe. With Wood, Kessell, and others joining the ensemble cast, it looks like the drama is on track to be as exciting as ever. Yellowjackets have achieved remarkable success, with the first season becoming Showtime’s second most-streamed show of all time and getting an unprecedented seven Emmy nominations. Season 2 of Yellowjackets should be even more surprising than the first since that’s the only way the show knows how to tell a story.

But despite its popularity and the fact that its first season ended on a high note, Yellowjackets still has some surprises in store. There are still many secrets to uncover on the show. But two of the most intriguing are who else has survived the Yellowjackets’ 19 months in the wilderness and who the first cannibal victim was. Fans may not have to wait too long to get answers to some of their most pressing Yellowjackets questions if season 2 is as insane as Ricci claims.



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