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Alexandra Daddario weds the 53 years old film producer, Andrew Form

by John Paul
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Alexandra Daddario, the heartthrob of many, finally gave in to the wedding bliss. She was recently starred in the White Lotus, HBO hit series. The fans are exhilarated yet bursting with curiosity about what led to the eventual marital bonding with the series star and Andrew Form, the producer of The Purge, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and |Friday the 13th.

The couple happily recalled their chance encounter when Andrew was on a business trip to Europe and had to take a connecting flight through New York City due to the limited flights during a pandemic. Andrew and Alexandra first crossed paths downtown while they were strolling around. Daddario explicitly and gladly recounted the event in one of her interviews.

She revealed that Andrew said ‘hi’ just as she turned around to look back at him. She responded to him with her own jolly ‘hi.’ Soon, they were laughing together about how they were the only two people on what is usually a busy street. Andrew took matters into his own hands instantly and asked her out to dinner since Andrew had to catch his flight the next morning. He explained that if she would say yes, he could be back in the town in a couple of weeks. Alexandra says jokingly, “I said ‘okay’ against my better judgment.” “Nowadays, you’re supposed to meet people on dating apps!”

As promised, Andrew flew back to the town a few weeks later. It was a peak pandemic, making Andrew one of the only three guests in the entire hotel. The couple made most of the seclusion and had their first date in their downstairs living room by the fire. Alexandra recalls, “I brought my dog, and she wandered into the kitchen at one point, and we didn’t notice. Someone came out holding her and said, ‘Is this your dog?’” It shows how the couple cherishes their first date and lovingly remembers every detail.

The two engaged in August 2021. The couple tells that although they were engaged in August 2021, they had already decided to marry on a night in April 2021 after a romantic date of wine and dine. Alexandra delved deeper into the memory lane, telling, “I was visiting Andrew while he was working on Jack Ryan, and they were shooting in Athens. He took me to the Four Seasons there so we could be by the beach. He went outside, and I followed him, and he turned around and proposed, and then we walked and had a piña colada.”

The couple planned their New Orleans June wedding. Alexandra explains. “We were originally going to get married in Italy because I wanted to drink Italian wine for three days straight, but when I got a job in New Orleans, we switched it to New Orleans. It’s a city full of music and life.”

Our team wishes a blissful marital life for the couple.



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