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Daredevil’s appearance in She-Hulk, what’s next?

by John Paul
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Charlie Cox’s “The Daredevil: Born Again” star talked about his appearance as Matt Murdock in the series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. What should fans anticipate from the series, and how bleak it might be when it debuts in 2024? When asked whether the film would follow Frank Miller’s comic book, the actor claimed he was not sure. But, he said, in his opinion, it’s a fresh start! The title indicates that the character, initially starting from Netflix and heading to Disney+, is getting a fresh start.

In an interview, the Daredevil star shared about the show’s tone. He shared little details that differentiate the upcoming show on Disney+ from the one on Netflix. He stated that he doesn’t know if the series will be darker or less dark. According to him, the tone may change as there will be more episodes and a completely different platform. Cox revealed – to reflect the unusual tone of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, he altered his image of Matt Murdock for that episode.

Cox revealed that he enjoyed being in that one episode of She-Hulk. But he had to transform his character slightly to be in the show. In the series, he is depicting Murdock, who is in the phase where he is enjoying life. The show pictured Murdock, who is flirty and a bit forward. It was a fun challenge and a great experience, as his chemistry with Tatiana was amazing. He stated in an interview that even if the tone is a little bit light, it won’t affect him. Instead, it gives his fans an idea about how his character will be in the upcoming show.

Cox pointed towards the Daredevil comics that there’s humor, cheerfulness, and fun depiction of the character. So with 18 episodes, there will be enough room for everything. Ultimately, he admits that his life changed after his short role in MCUs Spiderman: No Way Home. Moreover, he claimed that now people know his name instead of calling him Daredevil.



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