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David Yates brings together Chris Evans and Emily Blunt in New Drama, Pain Hustlers.

by John Paul
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Cannes film festival was held from May 17th to May 28th this year. Like every media player, Netflix went shopping at the festival and returned with the new drama Pain Hustlers. The star cast of the drama includes Emily Blunt with David Yates as director. Yates is well-known as Harry Potter’s veteran director. Now, reliable sources confirm the addition of Chris Evans to the cast, which will be a cherry on the top.

The details of the drama entail Wells Tower as a writer. The story will focus on Blunt’s character. Blunt is playing Liza Drake in the play. The plot centers on her as a high-school dropout who dreams of a bright future for her and her young daughter. She lands a job with a pharmaceutical start-up at the edge of a decline. The company sits in a yellowing strip mall in Central Florida. The drama will show how Liza catapults the company and her life into the high life with her guts, charm, and drive. However, she soon gets stuck in a criminal conspiracy with lethal consequences. So, the drama has every intriguing element, from romance and thrill to crime and escapades. Filming should kick off in August.

Coming back to see how Evans fits into the story, it is still a mystery to be revealed. Will he be laying the other troubled half protagonist, a smooth, charming criminal, or the CEO of the failing company? Evans stars in other Netflix projects too. He is playing one of the leading roles in The Gray Man. The movie will hit cinemas on July 15th this year. We can see it on Netflix from July 22nd. However, you can enjoy the exclusive screening of The Gray Man on July 19th if you are a member of Empire’s VIP club. As for Pain Hustlers, we expect it to be a smashing hit and eye candy. Thanks to the dashing duo of Emily Blunt and Chris Evans as star casts.



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