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DC super-pets league: A brief insight

by John Paul
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The plots of superhero movies are growing more and more complex with time. The storylines are self-serious, and the budgets are ludicrously expensive. It has directed many franchises towards their animated counterparts to show the multiverses in a lighthearted fun-filled setting. Imagine the outcome of a self-referential, flippant Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Another example is the unserious The Lego Batman Movie, a crazy film-length shot at Batman’s isolation, relentless darkness, and general emo-ness. DC League of Super-Pets is a similar effort, introducing the audience to a lighthearted version of DC super pets. John Whittington and Jared Stern, the writers of Lego Batman, have taken similar flippant digs at Batman. However, in the animated version, he is a side character to the show’s stars, a dog, and some of its pals. That’s right, the flick portrays animals as supers, a diversion from the usual superhuman-based plots.

The plot

Sam Levine and Jared Stern have directed this 105-minute romp with a deadpan sense of humor and frantic action. The movie combines reflexive winks for the adult audience and the cartoon’s usual harmlessness for youth. This Metropolis reflects a clean and horizon-less vision where billionaires reside in skyscrapers and the members of the Justice League. The movie depicts Superman as a bit of a hapless superhero. This animated Superman is responsible for fixing emergencies in tandem, accompanied by his canine fellow, Krypto. Krypto is a puppy guardian sent to earth to look after the infant Superman, Kal-El. Krypto has everything crime-fighting should have, including flying and laser eyes. However, Krypto is comically poor at being a dog since he doesn’t sniff or run like normal dogs. In addition, his poop smells like sandalwood, which is an entirely different story for dog kinds.

Krypto’s owner Kal-el gets concerned that the socially awkward Krypto will get clingier if he doesn’t get a friend. So, after talking to Lois Lane, Superman drags his guardian dog to a shelter. The super-duo encounters Ace, a dog through and through. This encounter in DC League of Super-Pets creates another opportunity for viewers to see the odd comedy couple, The Rock and Kevin Hart, in full action. We can feel their chemistry even without witnessing the sight gag of their size divergence.

Ace has stayed behind bars by convincing his fellows, the shelter rejects, to strive for nice upstate farm life. The shelter rejects include Lulu, a scheming hairless guinea pig and a former lab rat for Lex Luthor, an evil billionaire. This rat is determined to accomplish her owner’s dastardly plans.

Soon in the movie, Lulu manages access to the orange kryptonite. This is different kryptonite from the green one and only works on animals. After that, we can see her as an adorable diva villain to her chagrin. She inadvertently turbocharges the abilities of the other shelter pets. The incident makes Ace indestructible, a worthless shell of this sentimental past.

PB is a people-pleasing potbellied pig who can change size. Another character is a neurotic squirrel named Chip, who can shoot electronic bolts. Finally, Merton is a wise turtle with the ability to develop Flash-like superspeed.


The main characters include:

  • Krypto, voice-over by Dwane Johnson, the Rock,
  • Superman Kal-al, voice-over by John Krasinski
  • Lois Lane, voice-over by Olivia Wilde
  • Ace, voice-over by Kevin Hart
  • Lulu, voice-over by Kate McKinnon
  • Lex Luthor, voice-over by Marc Maron.
  • PB the pig, voice-over by Venessa Bayer,
  • Chip the squirrel, voice-over by Diego Luna
  • Merton, the turtle, voice-over by Natasha Lyonne

None of the shelter members have faith in themselves because they don’t have a grip on their abilities yet. However, Krypto, rattled and rendered powerless by his bestie’s divided attention, needs his shelter fellows to rescue the Justice League supers.

The Justice League team:

  • Misanthropic Batman, voice-over by Keanu Reeves
  • The brawny Wonder Woman, voice-over by Jameela Jamil
  • The handsome Aquaman, voice-over by Jemaine Clement
  • Superfast Flash, voice-over by John Early
  • The flippant Green Lantern, voice-over by Dascha Polanco
  • The robotic Cyborg, voice-over by Daveed Diggs

The popular voice cast is exceptionally excellent, but McKinnon has outdone everyone with her devilish yet endearing voice performance as Lulu.

The verdict on the movie

Keeping the image of its animated predecessors alive, DC league Super-Pets pulls off the self-aware humor and lighthearted fun. The animated version is knitted in evergreen themes like the fear of change, friendship, and trust that lasts through all the challenges. The movie doesn’t show Super pets as a bunch of most witty or rugged bunch. But, the cuteness promises that soon we will see the characters as plush toys with good price tags on store shelves.

DC League of Super-Pets hit the cinemas in UK and US on 29th July 2022. Adults can enjoy the jabs at Musk-esque billionaires. At the same time, the elastic physics, slapstick humor, and lots of harmless explosions will thrill the kids. All in all, The movie is family fun with all the elements of an animated flick, the drama of a tear-jerking movie, and the actions of a superhero saga combined under one umbrella of the DC Super-Pets league.



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