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DCEU opts to go low-key with its big plans at SDCC 2022

by John Paul
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We know that DC Extended Universe plans to significantly expand in scope in 2023. However, we didn’t witness an elaborative promotion of the franchise’s future at SDCC (San Diego Com-Con) 2022. It’s a known fact that DC’s cinematic franchise took a shaky start, but Warner Bros. still seems willing to invest in its future. The early DCU entries, although divisive, they managed to lay the foundations for several interesting storylines. The stage is set for the appearance of various major DC characters in the upcoming movies.

That said, we failed to see DCEU promoting any potential storylines and characters in SDCC, particularly in comparison to SDCC 2022. However, some teasers were there to elicit interest in DC fans. For instance, exciting reveals of shots taken from the trailers of Black Adam and the Shazam. Both movies are set to hit the cinemas at the end of 2022. Comparing both trailers, even though Black Adam will introduce one of the most powerful villains from DC Comics, it is the Shazam that stole the show. Shazam: The Fury of God improved connectivity within the franchise’s movies. Despite all the facts, DC’s focus on its 2022 titles at SDCC seemed like an odd decision.

The DC Comic-Con panel made a strange decision not to provide any details about Aquaman or The Flash. The DCEU’s most prominent characters have been Aquaman and the Flash. Both heroes were founding members of the Justice League. The Flash is expected to be the most significant DCEU movie due to its Multiverse story, which expands the franchise’s reach. It was disappointing that the DC panel failed to reveal any details about the 2023 movies, which led to disappointment at Comic-Con 2022. This was because it did not address the franchise’s exciting and ambitious future. Although it might seem confusing, this could be an intentional effort to open up the DCEU, allow new characters to emerge, and shift the focus away from the Zack Snyder era.

Already 2023 looks set to be a pivotal year for the DCEU. The main reason is obvious: The Flash will shake up the franchise, marking Ben Affleck’s final appearance as Batman and introducing Michael Keaton’s Batman to the DCEU. In addition, the Flash’s introduction of alternate universes, and the ability to travel between them, will widen the DCEU’s scope and increase its narrative potential. As a result, early screenings have rated The Flash one of the most anticipated DCEU movies.

The Flash’s Multiverse story is not the only thing happening. Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom will continue the story from one of the DCEU’s most beloved movies. Jason Momoa, the megastar, will reprise the title role. In addition, the DCEU will finally release Batgirl and Blue Beetle in 2023. These two DC heroes will help to flesh out its ranks. The DCEU’s scope is expected to grow dramatically in 2023. With The Flash being a highly acclaimed franchise, it’s possible that DC’s cinematic franchise could rule 2023.

It’s evident that Warner Bros. chose to ignore the huge 2023 releases of DC Comic-Con 2022 by design. This is likely due to two reasons. The most obvious reason is to avoid exposing past mistakes. This could also explain why Henry Cavill’s Superman Return was not announced at Comic-Con. The character’s past appearances have been divisive enough that focusing on the franchise’s future only reinforces the DCEU’s current perception. However, Shazam! is DCEU’s most well-received movie. Also, Black Adam and Shazam 2 stem from a similar source. Importantly one is not too similar to DCEU’s past heroes, which allows Warner Bros. and the DCEU to distance themselves from their past mistakes.

The Flash, Aquaman, and the Lost Kingdom focus on characters already in the franchise. However, Black Adam is crucial for the DCEU’s future. 2022 will introduce various exciting characters to the DCEU, including the Justice Society of America. So it makes sense to keep the spotlight on Dwayne John’s title character and the heroes from Shazam! Fury of Gods.

Although it may have seemed odd for Warner Bros. to keep the spotlight away from DCEU’s 2023 releases at Comic-Con 2022 this year, it was clearly a well-planned decision. It did not allow for any exciting announcements about the DCEU’s current heroes or their future, but it helped to build excitement for Black Adam and Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Shazam are crucial to the franchise’s future. Warner Bros. has started to create a new kind of hype about the DCEU’s 2023. This year is already shaping up as pivotal for the franchise by keeping quiet about Aquaman 2 and The Flash.



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