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Deadpool hijacked Midnight Suns’ Twitter account: Why?

by John Paul
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Deadpool has taken over the official Marvel’s Midnight Suns Twitter account, presumably because he wants to get into the upcoming strategy game. The tactical RPG, created by XCOM developer Firaxis Games, will see players form a squad of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and fight back against the demonic powers of Lilith. Unfortunately, Deadpool appears to be suffering from severe FOMO after seeing the roster for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, which includes characters like Captain America, Wolverine, and Spider-Man.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns will feature squad-building and turn-based strategic gameplay, much like the XCOM series. Supernatural characters like Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, and Blade take center stage in this game. Popular heroes like Spider-Man and Iron Man also make appearances. The Hunter, a supernatural warrior and Lillith’s offspring will also debut in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The player can alter Hunter’s appearance, and their morals will have a bearing on the game’s outcomes. Midnight Suns’ gamers can bolster Hunter’s light or evil abilities by making different decisions.

Now Deadpool is pleading his case for a spot on Marvel’s Midnight Suns Twitter team in a weird post. This video features the beloved Merc With a Mouth, who invites fans to petition for him to be added to the tactical RPG’s roster. Deadpool’s participation in Marvel’s Midnight Suns seems realistic, given the video’s inclusion of a fully realized character model for the hero. He appears to be spoken by seasoned voice actor Nolan North. It’s still up in the air whether this new character will be a playable hero, an NPC, or part of a future downloadable content pack.

Nolan North previously played the role of Deadpool in a video game that came out in 2013 and received high marks for his performance. As one might expect from a game that Deadpool himself commissioned and in which he personally cast Nolan North to represent him, it is full to the brim with humor that completely breaks the fourth wall. The game’s fighting may have been poor, but the game’s more memorable sequences did a good job of capturing Deadpool’s spirit.

Deadpool, a mutant mercenary, doesn’t appear to belong on Marvel’s Midnight Suns roster. Still, he’s making his presence felt just the same. The degenerate who can heal himself is rallying fan support with the hashtag #DeadpoolSuns, suggesting he may be in the game or its post-release downloadable content. We say that Marvel’s Midnight Suns has a plethora of Marvel characters. Still, there’s always room for Deadpool and his obnoxious rants.



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