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Destiny 2 Releases New Mecha Armor Art

by John Paul
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The spooky festival of Halloween is drawing near. And with it, Destiny 2 is dropping more information about the upcoming Festival of the Lost. For instance, the new mech armor sets chosen by the players are being released at this year’s festival. As voted for by fans earlier in the year, the new Halloween armor takes its cues from Mecha media like Anime Gatchaman and Sci-Fi action films like Pacific Rim.

Although players were able to peruse concept art before casting their votes, this is our first glimpse at the final armor the game will feature (though Bungie appears to have stayed fairly true to the concept).

It was a tight vote, with the mech armor concept edging out some designs inspired by monsters by a margin of 52% to 48%.

Destiny, the free MMO RPG from Bungie, features fantasy graphics reminiscent of anime. The game was released in 2017. Later the second version hit the market in 2018. The developers are since made various development based on players’ feedback and demand. Now they are making several more updates this Halloween in Festival of the Lost.

Destiny’s yearly Festival of the Lost will begin on October 18 this year as a part of The Season of Plunder. It is happening a bit later than in previous years. Everything else about this year’s event, including the themed activity and event-exclusive weapon, is still a mystery. We all wait as Bungie has yet to announce anything.

Bungie has announced in their most recent blog post that masks will still be a part of this year’s Festival of the Lost. The next This Week At Bungie will most likely provide additional information.



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