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Every Pinhead in the Hellraiser Movie

by John Paul
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The terrifying nemesis for the first several films in the Hellraiser trilogy was Doug Bradley’s Pinhead – but the main Cenobite occasionally appeared in other forms as well. While it was clear that Pinhead wasn’t intended to be the face of the Hellraiser franchise when it was first started by writer Clive Barker. In contrast to the original movie’s actual plot, focused on Frank, Julia, Larry, and Kirsty Cotton and their opulent relationship and family drama – the deep-voiced, leather-clad antagonist appeared in only a few shots. 

However, Doug Bradley’s Pinhead captured spectators’ attention right away and turned into the antagonist everybody noticed the most. Additionally, In the 2022 remake, Jamie Clayton plays a new version of Pinhead in the most recent film. 

If we look into Hell bound: Hellraiser 2, Pinhead received more attention with an improbable heroic flip later in the film’s conclusion – although he was a supporting character, not the lead. But everything changed when Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth was released in 1992. It brought Pinhead to the front and attempted to transform him into a quip-happy character akin to Freddy Krueger.

The humor waned for Bloodline, pushing Pinhead even more into the background. This trend persisted throughout the rest of Bradley’s appearances, even though he remained the focus of marketing. Pinhead, played by Doug Bradley, was mainly content to hunt prey alone. 

The Hell Priest did, on rare occasions, decide to assume a different shape, frequently in an effort to confuse or deceive his target. No matter how Pinhead looked, encounters with him typically ended poorly. 

Here are all the Pinheads from Pinhead Hellraiser, along with the female Pinhead from the 2022 edition.


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Captain Elliott Spencer (Hellraiser 2 & 3)

In the first Hellraiser movie, Pinhead was represented as a mysterious hell servant. While Hellraiser 2 dug deep into his past and revealed that he was a human once. Elliot Spencer was the first Pinhead Hellraiser, who once served in the British Army as a Captain. Spencer was greatly affected by the atrocities he witnessed and took part in, which caused him to lose trust in both God and people.

After cracking open the Lament Configuration puzzle cube, Spencer invested the rest of his days looking for the greatest ends of instant gratifications and discovering the pinnacle of pleasure and suffering. The opening sequence of Hellraiser 2 shows Spencer being changed into Pinhead by Leviathan, the ruler of Hell.

The Cenobites rise against Leviathan in the sequel after Hellraiser’s Kirsty Cotton awakens Spencer of his repressed background, but they are quickly defeated. Furthermore, In Hell On Earth, Spencer also has a significant part as you will see him fighting with dark impulses that drive him and Pinhead apart. Along with the newest Hellraiser Pinhead, Leviathan likewise comes back.

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Unbound Pinhead (Hellraiser III)

In Hellraiser III, the Pinhead Hellraiser figure transforms into a much worse maniac than he was in Hellraiser or Hellbound. He may appear to be the same on the outside, yet he isn’t. Either of Pinhead’s good traits—like his capacity for compromise, sense of justice or balance, and relationship to his human aspect—have been lost. It is because, after Pinhead’s “death” in Hellraiser 2, the Elliott Spencer half and his evil Pinhead half were split apart.

This “Unbound” Pinhead Hellraiser persona is completely free of the limitations of Leviathans – following rebirth and is a pure embodiment of agony. He kills dozens of innocent people, makes Cenobites for joy, as well as blasphemes in churches. He is simply bad on all accounts. However, in the end, he was assisted by Spencer’s ghost in the battle against Joey Summerskill – and the two parts of Pinhead eventually reunite, bringing about balance.

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Joey Summerskill’s Father (Hellraiser III)

It begins with the protagonist of Hellraiser 3, Joey, starting to see dreams about his father being killed in the Vietnam war. Since we already know that Unbound Pinhead is the deadliest, this time he transforms into Joey’s father and convinces her that he is the actual spirit who has come to bid farewell, which is possibly his meanest form. The Pinhead Hellraiser figure tricks Joey into giving him the Lament Configuration, and he is satisfied with his capability to defeat his opponent.

Fortunately, the two characters were in a stage of transition between this world and the hereafter at that time – enabling Spencer’s spirit to firmly reconnect with the other half. Finally, Joey stabs the Pinhead using the Lament Configuration. The whole situation demonstrates that Elliott was a kind person before WWI. It also illustrates that Pinhead seems to have a small portion of well hidden inside him at practically all times throughout the saga.

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Dr. Paul Gregory (Hellraiser: Inferno)

In the sequel Hellraiser: Inferno, directed by Scott Derrickson – it was seen that Pinhead was hiding in the shadows throughout. He wears the persona of Dr. Paul Gregory, a priest, and counselor who meets with Joseph Thorne, a fundamentally vicious police officer, during their sessions. 

In the final reveal, it is disclosed that Dr. Gregory, the Pinhead Hellraiser, had been orchestrating Joseph’s entire torment from within and making him suffer. Gregory was portrayed by James Remar, an upcoming Dexter star and a well-known actor who, strangely, had just two years earlier appeared in the TV film Inferno.


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The Merchant (Hellraiser: Hellseeker)

The Hellraiser: Hell, seeker came out two years after the Inferno and had almost the same plot. It similarly centers on a morally bankrupt lead character, Trevor Gooden in this instance. Early in the novel, Trevor survives a car collision, however, his wife doesn’t. In an unusual turn of events, it was discovered that his wife was Kirsty Cotton. Once more, it transpires that Trevor has been toiling in Hell the entire time as a result of a soul exchange Kirsty arranged with the Pinhead Hellraiser figure.

However, Trevor had it coming as he was preparing to murder Kirsty and his mistress. Whereas Doug Bradley portrays a strange merchant who provides Trevor the Lament Configuration initially in his quest; although he isn’t given credit for the role, it is plausible to conclude that this merchant is a Pinhead in hiding. For some reason, the part is given to the fictitious “Charles Stead,” possibly to make Hellraiser fans question if Bradley was actually there hiding under the rough hair and beard in the dim lighting.

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The Hell Priest (Hellraiser 2022)

Disney made the unexpected decision to revive the Hellraiser franchise in 2022 – casting Jamie Clayton as the first female Pinhead even though she is referred to in this version as the “Hell Priest.” David Bruckner, who directed the updated Hellraiser Pinhead, pushed it in a far more religious direction. His movie is saturated with religious symbolism, from the Asphyx’s praying hands to the Masque’s burning of religious verses into skin slivers.

The main purpose of the Pinhead Hellraiser 2022 persona is to serve as a mediator between Leviathan – and those who figure out how to crack the Lament configuration, insisting that sacrifices are required each time it is cracked. The new Pinhead offers praise, deals, and “gifts” to people. In conclusion, Riley, the main character, chooses to embrace the death of her brother Matt when the Cenobites reward her; they later inform her that the reward she truly received was “lament.”



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