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Evil Dead will soon be free on Epic Games Store.

by John Paul
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As of later this month, Evil Dead: The Game can be downloaded for free from Epic Games. The survival horror co-op game by Saber Interactive was published in May this year for $40. It has since received praise from both casual gamers and broadcasters. The game was unsurprisingly a hit, with its Dead By Daylight/Left 4 Dead-inspired gameplay, content based on the popular Evil Dead franchise, and the return of original cast members like Bruce Campbell.

Many gamers have said that Evil Dead’s tone is similar to that of Sam Raimi’s films. So, now, PC users will have a better chance of experiencing this for themselves. The EvilDeadTheGame Twitter account has confirmed that the game will be one of Epic Games’ free games of the month. Evil Dead: The Game will be free from November 17 to 22 (11am to 11am ET each day). Once a player has claimed it from the store, they will own it permanently.

The promotion allows new players an opportunity to experience what it’s like to play as Ash Williams or a fearsome Kandarian Demon without spending any money. However, some players who bought the co-op game before the promotion are upset that it is now available for free. Though, their consolation is that despite having access to the Season Pass, most of the Evil Dead: The Game DLC packs will still have to be bought individually. The free trial of Evil Dead will last for a little under a week, so those who don’t take advantage of the offer will have to pay for the game if they want to keep playing Evil Dead.

The initial buzz around Evil Dead: The Game has faded somewhat since its release, with many gamers complaining about 10-minute wait times. So, it is possible that Saber Interactive decided to make the game available for free to restabilize the dwindling number of players. Regardless of the motivation, new players have access to a wealth of fascinating lore-based content, such as the option to play as Mia from the 2013 Evil Dead reboot.

Free blockbuster titles like Evil Dead: The Game are nothing new for Epic Games. However, they are especially thrilling for fans of the movie or of co-op horror games in general. Similar gameplay can be found in the widely played Dead By Daylight. However, unlike Evil Dead: The Game, it has never been made available to permanently own for free. Also, it lacks the vast Evil Dead history featured in Evil Dead: The Game. As a result, more people will be able to play Saber Interactive’s multiplayer game and encourage their friends to do the same. Some fans, maybe already plotting the ultimate Survivor party for Evil Dead: The Game, are holding their breath in the hopes that this could spark a new interest in the franchise.



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