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Five Best Actors to Replace Henry Cavill as Superman

by John Paul
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Despite having an exciting appearance in the mid-credits sequence of 2022’s Black Adam, Henry Cavill has been dealt an extremely difficult hand as the DC Universe undergoes enormous changes.

Following a meeting with DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, Cavill was informed that he will not be reprising his role as Superman in the future, upsetting both the actor and fans as Warner Bros. prepares to reboot DC.

Cavill expressed his thanks for the opportunity in a touching letter, promising optimism as “an earlier portion of Superman’s story” be depicted on film. But the issue now is who will portray the Man of Steel once Cavill hands up the figurative cape to a youthful actor.

Here are five actors we believe Gunn and Safran are interested in casting as the next Superman.

David Corenswet

Image Courtesy: Variety

David Corenswet

David Corenswet is steadily developing a portfolio as he approaches his 30th birthday in January, with major parts in projects such as 2022’s Pearl and 2020’s Netflix series, Hollywood.

Corenswet, who is 6’4″, has the size and appearance to portray Superman, but he’s also less well-known than many of the other contenders on this list.

But, at 29, he’s done enough to lend a certain degree of star power to the part, and this may be the casting that launches him to superstardom following Cavill’s leave.

Eli Goree -

Image Courtesy: IMDb

Eli Goree

Eli Goree has been progressively establishing himself on television for the past 16 years, but he recently had a huge break with his casting in Regina King’s One Night in Miami… in 2020.

Goree held his own as Cassius Clay in this dramatised narrative about a 1964 real-world meeting between Malcolm X, Muhammed Ali, and Jim Brown before the famed boxer publicly changed his name that same year.

Simply said, anyone who can play someone as physically imposing as Muhammed Ali could play Superman, and Goree looks to have the star power for that type of comic-book movie role as well.

Fionn Whitehead,

Image Courtesy: Screen Daily

Fionn Whitehead

While he may not be the largest actor physically to play Superman, Fionn Whitehead has a lot of cache due to his talent and hard ethic in big-name productions.

The 25-year-old British actor made his fame as a leading man in Christopher Nolan’s successful Dunkirk in 2017, before moving on to films such as Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Even though Whitehead is just 25 years old, he’s already positioned himself to take on some of the greatest roles Hollywood has to offer, and he’d be a wonderful fit for Clark Kent when the hero is reinterpreted.

Dacre Montgomery

Image Courtesy: Buzzfeed

Dacre Montgomery

Dacre Montgomery (28 years old) seemed poised to play a superhero after becoming a legitimate celebrity with his role as Billy Hargrove on Stranger Things and his involvement in the 2017 Power Rangers film.

He has already been cast as the MCU’s Human Torch in 2025’s Fantastic Four, and he is a favourite contender to portray a similarly strong DC hero.

Montgomery would even get to portray Superman, who has a similar power set to the Human Torch, and he has the appearance and skill to bring either to life well.

Glen Powell

Image Courtesy: The Hollywood Reporter

Glen Powell

Glen Powell’s star rose this summer as he starred as Hangman opposite Tom Cruise and Miles Teller in Top Gun: Maverick, one of the summer’s biggest films.

He’s previously addressed rumours of entering the MCU in the same manner that Egerton has, and many are asking what he might accomplish as Clark Kent.

The 34-year-old Texas native would be a near-perfect fit to soar to the skies as DC’s top hero, bringing the All-American enthusiasm that Superman has had for decades.

And, after watching him portray a pilot so masterfully in Top Gun 2 and the Korean War epic Devotion, many are curious to see what he can accomplish by ditching the Air Force uniform for some Kryptonian garb – a whole new sort of Kryptonian garb.

Gunn and Safran are slated to disclose their plans for the DC Universe in early 2023, and fans will be eager to know who will portray Superman in this new slate, especially after Henry Cavill received so much accolades for his performance.

Hopefully, whether it’s one of these performers or someone else, the Man of Steel will be done correctly when the DC Universe undergoes the predicted changes.



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