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Gal Gadot Posts “Snow White” Fan Art to Celebrate the 85th Anniversary

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The actress shared fan art of Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen and Rachel Zegler as Snow White to celebrate the 85th anniversary of White and the Seven Dwarfs. Fans of Gal Gadot were disappointed to hear that DC had decided against making a Wonder Woman 3, but the actress has another exciting project in the works. Gadot will play the title role in Disney’s live-action, a remake of the classic animated film from 1937 based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale. With this part, she’ll be putting her own spin on a classic villain with a long history of villainy, marking a significant exit from her previous work. Fans have begun to speculate how she might look in the role, and the effects are stunning.

Gadot, who recently joined the Snow White franchise, posted an Instagram in honor of the 85th anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In honor of the occasion, she hand-picked a number of fan-created works depicting her and Zegler as Snow White. Since the first look at Gadot’s actual costume hasn’t been released, the artwork guessed at the various designs she may take on the role of the Evil Queen. In her post, she showed her admiration for Snow White’s accomplishments and expressed her hope to add to them.

Disney’s Live-Action Snow White: The Latest Information

In 2016, speculation began that Disney was working on a live-action adaptation of Snow White. Both director Marc Webb and screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson have been linked to the project since before production had even begun. Although Greta Gerwig collaborated with Wilson as a co-screenwriter in 2021, both Wilson and Webb have maintained their roles as the film’s primary screenwriter and director. Midway through 2021, Zegler was confirmed as the film’s main star. She’ll be the first Latina princess to star in a live-action Disney film.

Gadot was cast as the main villain, the Evil Queen, not long after Zegler was announced as Snow White. Later, Martin Klebba played Grumpy, one of the most recognizable of Snow White’s dwarves. There are rumors that Colin Michael Carmicheal, Dujonna Gift, and Andrew Burnap have also been cast in Snow White, but no official confirmation has been made. Strangely, there haven’t been more announcements about the cast and plot since filming ended earlier this year. Set photos released online provided the very first look at Zegler in the role of Snow White. Disney has been keeping the details of this film under wraps, other than the release date of March 22, 2024.

Despite the lack of information, Snow White has the makings of a good live-action remake of the classic Disney cartoon. The fan art is clear evidence that Zegler and Gadot have the potential to portray Snow White and the Evil Queen incredibly. The story will likely revolve around the same elements as the original, including a princess, a poisoned apple, and a different take on the seven dwarves. But Snow White has already been met with skepticism, most notably from Peter Dinklage, who was concerned that Disney would perpetuate harmful stereotypes by incorporating the dwarves in the film’s live-action adaptation. Disney said they were talking to people in the dwarf community about these seven roles but haven’t said how they’ll be portrayed in the film. With Zegler and Gadot at the helm, Disney’s Snow White has the prospects to be a magical adaptation, but it will have to be careful with how it modernizes the tale.



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