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Game of Thrones: Jon Snow appearing once again to win the hearts.

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Games of Thrones, George Martin’s bestseller fantasy series, is one of its kind with an everlasting impact on its fans, even after it ended three years back in the eighth season. HBO is all set to take advantage of the Game of Thrones sensation, bringing back the sequel on-screen with the story line revolving around Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington.

HBO is keen to try various spinoffs of the series, one expected to hit the screens this August. According to the media sources, the upcoming series will bring Jon Snow into the spotlight, who was a key figure in the previous seasons. The character played by Harington, an honorable bastard will reappear on a shifted plot. The role had kept the viewers on edge in the past, too, particularly when he was killed in season 5, only to reappear later.

The eighth season ended with Jon Snow being banished and accused of killing his lover Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke. In the end, we witnessed him finally at peace, leaving for north beyond the Wall with Willington.

The spinoff is predicted to end Jon’s peace with a strong story line centered on his character. Unfortunately, nothing has been revealed about the creative team since the series is still in its early development. However, it is almost confirmed that we will once again see Harington in the role of the famous Jon Snow.

The series will be a major development for the Game of Thrones franchise. It was already forecasted that there is still a massive margin for the franchise to earn from the series. Therefore the network has started exploring the potential possibilities even before the end of season eight.

Sources report that everything from the eighth season, including the 9 voyages and 10,000 ships, will be picturized in the Jon Snow spinoff as the prequel. However, HBO is set to push the timeline forward for obvious reasons. While several characters were killed in the previous seasons, there are still some major ones who remain alive, probably to reappear in the coming sequel or in their own spinoffs. But Jon is undeniably one of the most adored characters and, therefore, most suitable for the first extension of the series.

Expect to see new creatures, a new timeline, a revamped Jon Snow character, and a new setting in the upcoming ‘House of Dragon’ in August. Also, we are anticipating that other popular characters like Tormund (Kristofer Hivju) can reappear in the spinoff. With the popularity of Jon Snow, HBO is optimistic about making good of the project. They tend to move quickly, placing the creative team soon into place.



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