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Get ready to see Bautista and Jovovich fight in the new GRRM movie, In the Lost Lands.

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Milla Jovovich is best known for her roles against monsters and zombies. However, Paul W.S. Anderson reveals that this time she’s fighting with Dave Bautista in the new George R.R. Martin movie. The new GRRM movie, In the Lost Lands, is based on the short story (same name). It is basically a fantasy adventure story of Gray Alys. Gray is a sorceress who has to venture into the titular wilderness. Her mission is to discover a magical power to help her queen fulfill her love. Gray will find her journey filled with danger, demons, and evil men. Her guide, a drifter named Boyce, accompanies her throughout the journey.

Milla Jovovich (Alys) and Dave Bautista (Boyce) Boyce will lead the cast of In the Lost Lands. There are no other confirmed actors on the roster as of this writing. The film’s development was announced for the first time in 2018 by Paul W.S. Anderson. He is popular for his work with the Jovovich in Resident Evil movie series. He was asked to direct the script written by Constantin Werner, The Pagan Queen. After over a year of development, the audience finally gets their first glimpses of the new movie, the GRRM adaptation.

Paul W.S. spoke with Variety about the 25th-anniversary Event Horizon. Anderson shared some thoughts on his George R.R. Martin movie, In the Lost Lands. Director Anderson confirmed that filming would begin in the second half of this year and teased that Dave Bautista would fight Milla Jovovich for the fantasy adventure film.

Jovovich has fought against Shawn Roberts in the Resident Evil film franchise and Tony Jaa in the Monster Hunter movie. Anderson also directed both films. Anderson’s tease that Jovovich fighting Dave Bautista in his adaptation of Martin’s In the Lost Lands is sure to please fans. Jovovich and her husband and other ventures have shown her stunt fighting skills. However, Bautista has used his WWE background and experience in the Guardian of the Galaxy series to bring action sequences to the movie. Anderson’s confirmation that Jovovich and Bautista will fight in the movie raises the question of whether Anderson was betraying Jovovich or if the film is simply about the two of them trying to make it work.

In addition to the confirmation that Dave Bautista will be fighting Milla Jovovich in the new George R.R., it was also announced that filming will begin in November for those who want to see In the Lost Lands come to life. Bautista’s hectic schedule with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 may have contributed to the long development process.

Fans of the Game of Thrones author will be pleased to hear that M. Night Shyamalan’s Knock at the Cabin is being adapted and that another of his works will soon be on the screen. Once filming starts later in the year, audiences must be on the lookout for any possible behind-the-scenes teases Anderson or Bautista may share from the In the Lost Lands sets.



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