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GTA VI’s early footage leak shocked the developers

by John Paul
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A hacker has published the authentic footage before the official release of Grand Theft Auto VI. The incident has immensely shocked the developers of the most anticipated video game from Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.

This cache of videos gives a detailed and unauthorized look at the development of one of the biggest games in the industry. It is rare to find a leak of this magnitude. However, people familiar with the game’s developers claim that the videos are true. The footage shows a glimpse of Grand Theft Auto VI’s plans. However, the final version will be much more polished, according to the people who requested anonymity because they are not allowed to reveal their identities.

The hacker posted several unseen videos from GTA VI on an online message board this weekend. According to the sources, the hackers are the same who penetrated Uber Technologies Inc., causing a high-profile hacking case last week. However, the claim is not verified yet. The hacker also posted a follow-up message showing his willingness to strike a deal. The message says, “I am looking to negotiate a deal.” The message suggests that the hacker might have more internal information for unauthorized publication.

A studio spokesperson refused to comment on the incident outside regular business hours. Therefore, so far, not much has been known from the developers’ side.

The last Grand Theft Auto was released in 2013. It became the most popular entertainment property due to the popularity of its online companion game. Bloomberg reported that the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI has been developing since 2014. In addition, Bloomberg reported that the game will have a female protagonist set in Miami. Take-Two made the announcement about the game in February. This disclosure quickly drove its stock up 7%.

According to inside information, Rockstar Games employees were shocked by the leaked information. This studio is owned by Take-Two and makes Grand Theft Auto. Many were pondering the consequences of the leak and how to respond.

Roblox Corp., the video game maker, accused a hacker of releasing stolen information to extort the business. Neil Druckmann, Sony Group Corp.’s co-president, also experienced unauthorized pre-release information when launching the Last of Us II. He tweeted on Sunday to reassure his fellow developers, saying, “my fellow devs out there are affected by the latest leak.” His tweet surely encourages gamers and developers to keep doing the good work. The continuation of legit playing will surely be equivalent to taking the hackers by the horns.



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