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H.O.T.D producer and director discuss Daemon’s position as an internet heartthrob

by John Paul
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Clare Kilner, the director, and Sara Hess, the show’s writer and executive producer, talk about the overwhelming fan interest in Matt Smith’s homicidal character online. “How is he a good partner?”

Those social media hype was already part of HOTD since the very first. But following last week’s episode, the thirsty memes and tweets really exploded, making Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) an online heartthrob.

For many fans, the final straw was when the prince helped his sickly brother, King Viserys, on his ascent to the Iron Throne and again when he beheaded Vaemond Velaryon for treason after he insulted Daemon’s wife, Rhaenyra. (fans ignored the fact that four episodes ago, Daemon killed his first wife for no other reason than that she was in the way.)

Dragon creator Sara Hess and episode nine’s director Clare Kilner were recently interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter, who asked them a question about the upcoming episode of the HBO fantasy hit.

Some viewers had really fallen for Daemon after the last episode when he helped his brother as he stumbled on the way to the Throne to decide the heir of Driftmark. But wasn’t that Daemon helping the king do what he wanted him to do anyway — to make a ruling in his daughter’s favor? If Viserys was about to rule against Rhaenyra, Daemon would have let his brother fall flat on his face. In other words, aren’t all of Daemon’s moments, even the seemingly benevolent ones, ultimately self-serving?

Hess responded:

“I agree with you. He’s become Internet Boyfriend in a way that baffles me. Not that Matt isn’t incredibly charismatic and wonderful, and he’s incredible in the role. But Daemon himself is … I don’t want him to be my boyfriend! I’m a little baffled how they’re all, ‘Oh, daddy!’ And I’m just like: ‘Really?’ How — in what way — was he a good partner, father or brother — to anybody? You got me. He ain’t Paul Rudd. What do you think, Clare?”

As for Kilner, she showed some emotional resonance.

“I just love the fact people are so involved with these characters, and I think that’s part of the fun of it,” she said. “One minute you like someone, and the next minute you like someone else. But I’m not surprised. Matt is such a risk-taker in his performances, and he’s got that little smile, and, you know … you can’t help it! He is charismatic. People love a baddie. But I don’t think he’s particularly a good father or a good brother.”


Hess further teased, giving a spoiler, On Sunday’s season finale, and potentially in the upcoming second season (scheduled for 2024), Daemon may once again force viewers to reevaluate their initial impressions of the character.



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