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Harrison Ford Unites The MCU Baddies In The Thunderbolts Fan Trailer

by John Paul
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A new fan trailer for Thunderbolts depicts Harrison Ford recruiting the villainous team for the next MCU film. Marvel Studios’ next Phase, continuing the Multiverse Saga, will begin production in 2023. New teams are being brought to life in the MCU franchise, even though alternate realities and variants have remained major plot points. Despite years of teases, the Thunderbolts are finally getting their own Marvel Cinematic Universe film, albeit one that will focus on an entirely new team. Though we won’t see Thunderbolts until the last of Phase Five, the project’s greenlighting in 2022 was a major development for Marvel Studios.

Fans are already speculating how MCU would interpret the Thunderbolts, even though production has yet to begin. Screen Culture has released a new fan trailer for Thunderbolts, providing a visual representation of what the teaming could look like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fan trailer uses recycled material from other Marvel Cinematic Universe productions to prove the team’s concept.

A Look Ahead at the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thunderbolts Film

The upcoming Thunderbolts film is being kept under wraps in the same way that most Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are. To be sure, Marvel Studios has officially announced who will be in the ensemble film. With the Thunderbolts, Julia Louis-character, Dreyfus’s Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, will play a pivotal role, expanding on her previous storylines. Florence Pugh will play Yelena Belova, Sebastian Stan will play Bucky, and David Harbour will play Red Guardian; these three characters represent the morally ambiguous heroes of the Thunderbolts team. Hannah John-Kamen (Ghost), Wyatt Russell (US Agent), and Olga Kurylenko (Taskmaster) are returning from previous films to reprise their roles as villains.

Ford replaces William Hurt (Thunderbolt Ross) as a significant MCU player in Captain America: New World Order. He will debut in the film starring Anthony Mackie and return just a few months later in Thunderbolts. Many fans believe that Ross will finally transform into the Red Hulk in the movie because of his extensive comic book history with the group. It’s unclear, however, if that will actually occur. It is unclear at this time if any other Marvel Cinematic Universe antagonists or antiheroes will appear in Thunderbolts.

It is thought that Thunderbolts will serve as the MCU’s answer to the Suicide Squad, allowing the series to explore more sinister themes. Jake Schreier is directing the film, and Eric Pearson (who wrote Black Widow) is authoring the script. Because of Pearson’s input, I expect Thunderbolts to have a similar mood to the Black Widow movie. It will be fascinating to see how the MCU handles the Thunderbolts and their underlying themes. Thunderbolts has been teased as having a significant impact on the MCU, so it will be exciting to find out more once production begins.



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