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Henry Cavill is no longer Superman, and the DC Universe is planning a younger version.

by John Paul
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Henry Cavill is no longer Superman in the DC Universe, as James Gunn intends to introduce a younger Clark Kent.

After years of speculation about his involvement in DC’s shared universe, a surprise appearance in Black Adam’s post-credits scene confirmed Henry Cavill’s return. This was further confirmed when Henry Cavill made a public announcement on his Instagram about his return as the DC Universe’s Superman, with reports circulating that Man of Steel 2 was in the works.

When James Gunn and Peter Safran were named co-CEOs of DC Studios, the status of Henry Cavill’s future as Superman changed, and it has now been confirmed by both the actor and the co-CEO that Henry Cavill will no longer be the DCU’s Superman.

According to Gunn’s social media, the DC Universe will refocus on a younger Superman and recast the role. Henry Cavill also announced the news on Instagram.

According to THR, Gunn is writing the new Superman film, which will follow Clark Kent as a reporter for the Daily Planet. The decision to not recast Henry Cavill as the DC Universe’s Superman comes nearly a decade after he first appeared.

While there are many fans of Henry Cavill’s Superman, there are just as many who dislike this interpretation of the Man of Steel introduced by Zack Snyder. As a result, he became a contentious character at the heart of the DCEU. However, the timing of the announcement that Henry Cavill is no longer Superman is surprising.

Only a few months ago, Black Adam’s post-credits scene seemed to usher in a new era for Henry Cavill’s DC future. However, that was under a previous DC administration, and Gunn clearly has new ideas for incorporating Superman into the DCU.

It is also worth noting that reports of Jason Momoa potentially leaving his role as Aquaman, the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3, and other news had surfaced prior to this announcement. In each case, it appears that Gunn’s DC Universe is attempting to distance itself from the Snyderverse.

James Gunn’s aspirations for DC’s future are obvious in rebooting Superman for the DCU. Gunn is guaranteeing that Superman can stay in his prime and a prominent role for years to come by returning to a younger version of the hero.

It does suggest that James Gunn’s ultimate objective may be to revamp the DC Universe. The co-CEO did indicate plans for Cavill to do other things with DC, but the actor’s Instagram post rule out a return, saying, “My day to wear the cape has gone.”

As a result, the future of the DC Universe may see Henry Cavill take on a different role and a new actor take on the role of Superman.



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