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How to deactivate Google Assistant on Chrome OS

by John Paul
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Google Assistant is a virtual assistant software program developed by Google which is accessible on home and mobile automation devices. It is based on AI. Google Assistant can engage in two-way conversations, in contrast to Google’s prior artificial assistant Google Now.

Google Assistant is a handy application accessible on various devices, including those running Chrome OS. However, not everyone will need it.

The feature available to Android devices as well as Chromebooks is Google Assistant. Google Assistant, and just as you can disable it on the latter, there’s an option to turn it off with Chrome OS devices. One of the first Chrome OS devices to feature Google Assistant support was the PixelBook. In the year 2019, Google released an update for Chrome OS, which brought the useful voice assistant to even more Chrome OS devices.

In addition to the enjoyable and useful things that Google Assistant can do, for example, setting reminders and managing smart devices at home, the Google Assistant also assists Chrome OS users in being more productive. For instance, users can say, “Hey Google, create a new document/spreadsheet/slide,” and it will open a Google Docs page for the corresponding document type. You can also contact Google Assistant to check what’s coming up on their calendars or create a new event.

Google Assistant Google Assistant should be available on all Chrome OS devices. However, it could be removed if the Chromebook was given to you by your school or work. To determine if Google Assistant is available on the Chromebook, start by opening the Settings app, and go to Search as well as Assistant.’ You should see the ‘Google Assistant’ menu if it’s not turned on. However, a user would like to make use of Google Assistant. To enable Google Assistant, just switch the switch from off to on. You can disable it by clicking on the toggle if it’s enabled.

Although switching off, Google Assistant might be what does for some. Others might still prefer to use it. Google Assistant, but just want to switch off the “Hey Google” wake command. It is a necessity in the event that a different device with Google Assistant is active, for example, a mobile phone or smart speaker. A smart display that is near will execute the command. Fortunately, Chrome OS provides users with the ability to do exactly that.

The Google Assistant menu has a “Hey Google” tab, with an options menu that appears before it. Click it, and then switch it off to disable it. It will block Google Assistant from appearing. Google Assistant from coming up when the user speaks the word “wake. Another alternative is to change the setting in the setting “Recommended.” It will permit the Chrome OS gadget to be responsive to the “Hey Google” wake command when connected to the internet or is charging. In addition, the option “On” will make it respond to the wake call throughout the day.



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