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How to Stream Season 6 of The Good Doctor Outside USA

by Clover Shaw
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The Good Doctor first aired in 2017, and since then, it has released 6 seasons in total. With season 5 of this informative yet enjoyable serial aired in 2021, the fans didn’t have to wait so long. Because currently, season 6 is airing on the ABC live-streaming platform, which started on October 3, 2022. But sadly, if you live outside the USA, ABC won’t be available for you. However, we can show you how to stream season 6 of Good Doctor outside the USA. Keep reading the blog, and you will find out.

First, let’s give a quick review of ABC for those who don’t know about it. ABC (American Broadcasting Company) is a geo-restricted platform available only for those living in the USA. It is considered one of the best streaming platforms to watch with your family. So, if you want to access the content from anywhere, here’s what you have to do:

Easy Steps to StreamThe Good Doctor Season 6 Outside USA 

Want to stream the Good Doctor season 6 outside the USA? Not a problem! You can now use a premium VPN service such as ExpressVPN to unblock geo-restrictions. Below are the steps that can help you do it. 

  • Sign up or subscribe to the VPN service (ExpressVPN is highly advisable) since you need to unblock the ABC content restriction. 
  • Next, you are required to download and install the VPN on your device.
  • Then you just have to connect to a reliable server in the USA. 
  • Now go to the ABC website and enjoy season 6 of Good Doctor.

Where to watch season 6 of The Good Doctor?

As you know, season 6 is airing on ABC’s live-streaming platform, so you can easily watch all the episodes. Moreover, we’ve also discussed how you can watch it even if you’re not in the USA. If you want to watch previous episodes, go straight to Hulu because there you can find all the previous ones.

What is the storyline of season 6 of The Good Doctor?

The series is about an autistic doctor, more of a great surgeon, Sean Murphy, who is suffering from Asperger and savant syndrome. But these things don’t stop Murphy from becoming a great doctor – saving people with his extraordinary gifts of remembering every detail and linking dots to find the solution. 

The Good Doctor season 6 will follow Sean Murphy’s new journey as he joins the new hospital. At first, all his colleagues seem skeptical about him, but as time passes, they get to see his exceptional talent – accepting him and his ways. Additionally, it will show us how an autistic doctor is doing in his relationships and personal life. 

The Cast of The Good Doctor

  • Freddie Highmore plays Dr. Shaun Murphy.
  • Dr. Neil Melendez, played by Nicholas Gonzalez 
  • Dr. Claire Browne, played by Antonia Thomas
  • Dr. Jared Kalu, played by Chuku Modu
  • Jessica Preston, played by Beau Garrett
  • Dr. Elle McLean, played by Irene Keng
  • Dr. Marcus Andrews, played by Hill Harper
  • Dr. Aaron Glassman, played by Richard Schiff
  • Allegra Aoki, played by Tamlyn Tomita
  • Dr. Alex Park, played by Will Yun Lee
  • Dr. Morgan Reznick, played by Fiona Gubelmann
  • Dr. Audrey Lim, played by Christina Chang
  • Lea Dilallo-Murphy, played by Paige Spara
  • Dr. Carly Lever, played by Jasika Nicole
  • Dr. Jordan Allen, played by Bria Samoné Henderson
  • Dr. Asher Wolke, played by Noah Galvin
  • Dr. Mateo Rendón Osma played by Osvaldo Benavides

How Many Episodes are there in Season 6 of The Good Doctor?

As the most recent good doctor episode aired on December 5, 2022, a total of 8 episodes have been released till now. But there are 22 episodes of the good doctor season 6 yet to be released. So, if you haven’t watched any of it, we already gave you every information about where you can find season 6, watch now!

On How Many Seasons Does The Good Doctor Consist Of?

As the sixth season started on October 3, airing on ABC cable, the good doctor consists of 6 seasons. Nevertheless, if you want it outside the USA, use VPN services because ABC is a geo-restricted platform. While for better quality and speed, we recommend ExpressVPN. 

Does Season 6 of The Good Doctor Have a Trailer?

Yes, now the episodes are airing on ABC cable. You can find the good doctor season 6 trailer online. Watch it below:

Is The Good Doctor based on a true story?

The medical series The Good Doctor is not a true story yet more realistic than many other medical series. The serial is based on another same-titled Korean series created by Park Jae-bum, which follows a doctor named Park Si-on.

On What channel The Good Doctor is Airing?

The good doctor season 6 and all the previous seasons are available on the ABC channel. If you like medical dramas, you will also like this one because of its plot, great characters, and theme. So, check out season 6 and enjoy every episode without buffering. 

From Where Can We Watch all of The Good Doctor Seasons?

You can watch all the seasons of good doctor on the ABC channel. Moreover, if you are looking for all the previous episodes, you can also stream them on Hulu and Netflix. 

Why is ExpressVPN the Best Option to Stream The Good Doctor Season 6 Outside USA?

There’s a slew of VPN services, but the best option to stream the good doctor season 6 is ExpressVPN. Unlock all the geo-restricted content, availing of the ExpressVPN subscription wherever you are. You just require a good internet connection and can enjoy it without any problem.

ExpressVPN: The Best Choice to Watch The Good Doctor Season 6 Outside USA

Do you know why ExpressVPN is the best choice to watch the good doctor season 6 outside the USA? Because in more than 94 countries, ExpressVPN contains 3000+ servers which implies – you can connect to any server of your choice across several countries.  

Furthermore, it’s a virtual private network providing service for your device and securing it from any virus and malware. A VPN that lets you browse as widely and independently as possible. ExpressVPN is typically used to ensure high anonymity and safety, encrypting all user information and giving users a concealed IP address.

If you want to see all your favorite TV shows and movies without having to worry about geo-restriction, ExpressVPN is the best choice. Additionally, several other US streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max blocked content can be unblocked with this VPN. 


Question: Is it a Korean series?

Answer: Yes, the series was initially created in Korea as Good Doctor and inspired this American remake with the same title. 

Question: Is The Good Doctor ending?

Answer: As we all know, the good doctor season 6 is airing on ABC cable – there’s no official announcement about it being the last. It gives fans hope that there’s still more to come.


So, by now, you probably know how and where to watch The Good Doctor season 6 if you are not a USA resident. But as it is airing on the ABC streaming platform and is a geo-restricted platform, you must need a VPN to access its content. Using ExpressVPN, you can connect to a server in the US and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows anywhere. If you are going for ExpressVPN, you should know that it’s a premium VPN service. But you can test it out risk-free thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee that it comes with.



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