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How to Watch ‘Love Island Australia’ Season 4 in the USA

by Clover Shaw
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It is among the most-watched television programs in Australia today is Love Island Australia. Considering its popularity, fans from all around the world wanted to watch it. Fans are naturally curious about how to stream Love Island Australia Season 4 in the USA – given the excellent content and enjoyment it has offered over the course of the previous 3 seasons. It’s high time to watch season 4, as it has already been released. 

However, getting around geo-restrictions is the main task because you can’t watch it in other regions. You need VPN services in order to bypass restrictions and stream Love Island Australia on 9Now in the USA. Your streaming problems can be solved with SurfShark in one window. 

Quick Steps to Watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in the USA

Here are the tips you should follow to stream 9Now in the USA:

  1. Join a premium VPN service (Our recommended VPN is SurfShark).
  2. Now connect it to an Australian server.
  3. Log in or register with 9Now.
  4. Enjoy watching Love Island Australia Season 4 in the USA!

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Where to watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in the USA?

You can watch season 4 without any problem on the 9Now network – it is the first choice of Australians to stream their favourite shows and movies. With the help of a trustworthy VPN, like SurfShark VPN, you can still open 9Now even if you’re not an Australian. 

Where can I Watch Love Island Australia Season Four Online for Free?

Visit the 9Now website, create an account by entering your login details, and begin watching Love Island Australia Season 4 for nothing. If the website is unavailable in Australia, use a safe VPN service to unlock it. And then you can live feed the most well-known dating show in the USA on 9Now.

How many Love Island Australia Season 4 Episodes are there?

It appears that there will be 20 episodes altogether. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, it is fair to presume that the season might have 20 episodes – given that the previous three seasons all had 20.

Where Is Love Island Australia filmed in 2022?

In Byron Bay, the fourth season of Love Island Australia’s television program was filmed in Mallorca, Spain.

What Kind of Show is Love Island Australia Season 4?

Like Love Island in any other country, Love Island, Australia is a reality show – where contestants gather in a villa to find their soulmates. Both the contestants and the creators make an effort to create as much controversy and entertaining content as they can.

How Does Love Island Australia Work?

Young Australians come together in a villa far away from everyone and the world. Everybody in the villa has to find a romantic partner for themselves, and if they can’t, they will be eliminated. Additionally, the audience can vote someone off from the show using the Love Island app. 

Contestants have the option to reconsider their selections and switch partners if they so desire. The winning couple receives a total cash prize of $50,000 at the end. They can equally divide the money or take the chance of keeping all of it or losing it.

What is the Prize Money of Love Island in Australia Season 4?

$50,000 in cash will be awarded to the victorious couple. It’s up to them if they want to divide it or not.

Who is the Host of Love Island Australia Season 4?

Yet again, the host of season 4 of Love Island Australia is Sophia Monk, a great actor, singer, model, and TV personality. She will be responsible for helping the contestants find prospective mates.

Who Narrated Love Island Australia Season 4?

The famous comedian Stephen Mullen is the voice of Love Island Australia. He is the one narrating season 4 of this popular show. 

Who are the Contestants of Love Island Australia Season 4?

Here’s the list of all contestants from Love Island Australia season 4:

  • Andre Coutinho
  • Claudia Bonifazio
  • Austen Bugeja
  • Callum Hole
  • Holly Oakes-Ferguson
  • Stella Hutcheon
  • Jessica Losurdo
  • Conor Howard
  • Jordan Dowsett
  • Layla John
  • Mitchell Eliot
  • Phoebe Spiller
  • Tak Chipangura

What channel is Love Island on Australia Season 4?

There are numerous channels where you can stream Love Island Australia, such as:

  • 9Now
  • Hulu
  • ITV
  • ESPN+
  • Disney+

Are any couples from Love Island Australia still together?

Definitely! Even though many relationships ended abruptly after the show ended, very few people are still together. Taku & Michela (Season 3), Zoe & Chris (Season 3), and Amelia & Josh (Season 1) – are a few couples that are together as they love each other.

Is there a trailer for Love Island Australia Season 4?

Yes! The trailer is out now, and you can visit the 9Now channel or Youtube to watch the season 4 trailer. Moreover, you can learn more about the participants, format, and style.

How can I Watch the Previous Seasons of Love Island Australia?

If you want to watch Love Island Australia’s previous seasons, you can stream 1 to 3 seasons on Hulu. However, if Hulu is unavailable in your region, VPN is the key to accessing content on this network from anywhere.

Can I Watch Love Island Australia on Netflix?

No, Love Island is not a Netflix series; you can only find it on Hulu. To get your hands on Hulu’s content, use SurfShark VPN. That way, you can watch Love Island Australia anywhere and anytime. 

When will Love Island Australia Season 4 be on Hulu?

After two weeks of each episode televising on 9Now, the season 4 episodes would be available on Hulu. Using SurfShark VPN, begin watching it right away on 9Now if you can’t wait any longer.

Why is SurfShark the Best VPN to Watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in the USA?

Love Island’s Australian version has so much potential to go on a global level. Despite possessing all the necessary components to succeed, geo-restrictions inhibit eager viewers from freely watching it. 

But SurfShark puts an end to this. It enables everyone to unblock in the USA and access content like Love Island Australia Season 4, thanks to its top-notch servers, top-quality features, and exceptional customer support.

You can stream Still Max, America’s Upcoming Top Model, and numerous other famous November shows without buffering when using SurfShark.

SurfShark: The Best VPN to Watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in the USA

The best VPN to stream Love Island in the USA is SurfShark – because you need a reliable connection and server to unblock the streaming service. Contrary to SurfShark, many VPNs can deploy robust servers in the US, but most cannot do so in Australia. SurfShark is one of the few VPNs with powerful and dependable servers in Australia, with various servers in the main regions. 


Where can I watch Season 4 of Love Island Australia in the US?

Love Island season 4 is available on the 9Now network, but it’s a geo-restricted platform – so you probably couldn’t find it in your region. Get the SurfShark app and enjoy streaming without any restrictions. 

How can I watch Love Island in Australia from the US for free?

If you want to watch it, you need SurfShark to access the blocked content in your region. Then go to the 9Now website and log in to your account to stream it for free. 

Where is the villa in Love Island?

It is situated in Mallorca, Spain. The whole series was filmed in this villa. 

Is Love Island scripted at all?

The reality program Love Island Australia includes instructions from the producers. The competitors behave suitably, knowing that cameras are watching them.

When will Love Island Australia 2022 be on Hulu?

Every episode of Love Island is made available after 2 weeks on Hulu for the audience to stream without experiencing any difficulty. 

Wrap Up

That concludes the discussion of how to stream Love Island Australia Season 4 in the USA. We understand your excitement for Love Island Australia’s most recent season. If you require complete visibility of the 9Now channel and the forthcoming episodes, sign up for SurfShark VPN.



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