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Hugh Jackman revealed training pics amid Deadpool 3 casting News.

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The recent news tells that Hugh Jackman will co-star with Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming Deadpool 3. Now, Hugh Jackman elevates the sensation by sharing his training pics. Jackman became popular as Marvel Comics character Wolverine after completing a long tenure in the role for the 20th Century Fox original X-Men franchise. The Wolverine saga started in 2000, and Jackman went on to appear as Wolverine in nine out of eleven X-Men movies, including his three solo projects -X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), The Wolverine (2013), and Logan (2017). With small hints of mutants paving the way into the MCU, audiences are speculating whether anyone from the X-Men could emerge in the MCU.

Fans of the X-Men and the MCU were surprised by the news that Jackman would reprise his Wolverine role in Deadpool 3, which would be the first R-rated MCU picture. Even though Wolverine was killed off in Logan, the film events occur in the future, leaving room for more pre-death stories to be told. There’s also the possibility that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in Deadpool 3 will be different from the one fans have been following since 2000, with the MCU branching out into multiverse alternate realities. Since their disappointingly brief meeting in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, audiences have been eager to see Jackman as Wolverine and Reynolds as Deadpool share the screen again.

Hugh Jackman posted a sweaty photo on his Instagram account shortly after announcing that he would reprise his role as Wolverine in Deadpool 3, suggesting that he was getting back into fighting form for the role. His post is minimal, consisting only of a snapshot of him flexing in a gym, probably after a workout, with the caption “Work in Progress” over his image, but the story’s timeliness is enough to have followers talking.


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Since Jackman has been portraying Wolverine for nearly two decades in the X-Men film series, the character’s physical appearance has evolved with time. When first introduced in 2000, Wolverine was a relatively svelte version of the character; by the time X-2 came out in 2003, he had put on some muscle. By 2013, Jackman had reached new heights of physical fitness, and The Wolverine had his most chiseled appearance to date. Although Logan’s character was supposed to have aged greatly, he kept some muscle mass for a more realistic, albeit still ripped, appearance. Whether or whether Wolverine will be jacked in Deadpool 3 remains to be seen, but he will certainly serve as muscle to Deadpool’s mouth in the film.

Even if Jackman hasn’t officially started training for the film, he probably will shortly, considering the film’s debut is less than two years away. With fans anticipating Jackman’s comeback and Wolverine and Deadpool’s official places in the MCU, it’s feasible that additional fan-favorite characters from other Marvel properties outside the MCU may return. Additionally, given that Patrick Stewart reprised his role as Professor X in Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness, a wide variety of unexpected and amusing cameos are possible in Deadpool 3.



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