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Ian Springer & Jeff Kaplan joins Marvel to Write Fantastic Four.

by John Paul
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As per Deadline’s report, Marvel Studios has found the writers for its upcoming Fantastic Four film. Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer are heading to the Baxter Building as they’re set to create a script to be used in the highly anticipated film.

Deadline’s sources also revealed that the duo of Kaplan and Springer had been working on the project for a while before Matt Shakman was signed on as director. Additionally, the duo has been helping define where the next film series can be integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

The report of Shakman being hired as director was reported via Deadline and then confirmed by the D23 Expo. Kaplan and Springer are relatively new to the field and are most well-known for their comedy Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship which debuted in 2013.

The upcoming Fantastic Four film will potentially start Phase 6, with its premiere on November 8, 2024. Two Avengers films will follow, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty on May 2 of the same year in addition to Avengers: Secret Wars six months later.

The film’s cast is not yet announced, but many big names are believed to be in the movie. However, we’re a long way from making any announcement regarding the cast as there’s no confirmation yet.



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