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James Gunn DC Universe will feature lesser-known characters.

by John Paul
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The DC Universe, according to James Gunn, will balance the inclusion of well-known and lesser-known characters in the brand.

When it comes to its visibility on large and small screens, 2022 has been one of the most difficult years for the DC brand. The DC World is obviously going through the motions, with multiple Arrowverse series cancelled on The CW, HBO Max’s Batgirl movie being abandoned despite starting production, and several shake-ups in the cinematic universe.

DC Studios was established on November 1, with Gunn and Peter Safran in charge of television, film, and animation. The previous two weeks have been eventful for DC Studios, with reports concerning different facets of the DCU franchise’s future surfacing.

As a result, Gunn has been highly active on social media, discrediting certain DCU allegations and verifying others. However, the co-CEO of DC Studios has provided some encouraging insights into the new DC Universe.

Gunn recently responded to a question about whether he “still intend[s] to develop films on lesser characters” for his new DC slate or if he “will focus on the huge popular names before doing that.”

According to the co-head of DC Studios, fans can expect to witness a mix of legendary characters and players that mainstream audiences may not be as acquainted with.

What James Gunn Has Revealed So Far About The DC Universe

The remainder of the DCU’s existing slate, as set by the previous government, begins in March 2023 with Shazam! Fury of the Gods. Ezra Miller’s The Flash and the Blue Beetle film will be released in June and August, respectively.

The year will then close with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom with Jason Momoa as the legendary Justice League hero in December 2023. Aside from those projects, DC Studios has yet to reveal their complete slate of films that will be part of Gunn and Safran’s concept, which they will shortly offer to Warner Bros. Discovery.

Gunn’s sole definite project is a new Superman film, for which he has been writing a script for the past few months.

The tale will follow a younger Clark Kent during his early career, which is why Henry Cavill will not be returning for the film or any future DCU chapters. However, Gunn has cryptically hinted several DC characters that may or may not be getting their due in the DCU across TV and movies.

Among those characters are Deadman, Lobo, Mister Terrific, and Jonah Hex, who are not necessarily A-listers. Gunn has also hinted that the DC Universe may or may not revisit the legendary DC Comics graphic book Kingdom Come. While the transition phase for DC Studios has been difficult to say the least, it is still too early to predict how this will influence the DCU as a whole.

Despite the fact that it marks the end of several popular versions of DC characters, Gunn and Safran may require a reboot of some form in order to complete their aim of maintaining a coherent DCU.

Whether it’s a film directed by Ben Affleck without him portraying Batman, or a remake of Superman by James Gunn, only time will tell where DC Studios will go with the DCU as their ideas begin to surface.




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