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James Gunn Dispels Misunderstanding About DCs Wonder Woman

by John Paul
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James Gunn, co-CEO of DC Studios, clarifies the most recent DC Universe rumors regarding Wonder Woman and the series’ awaited schedule. The direction of the DCU has been the subject of contradictory reports since the founding of DC Studios – run by Gunn and Peter Safran. Numerous projects like Wonder Woman 3 and Man of Steel 2 have been postponed for some reason. 

Furthermore, news about several DCU films and TV shows turned out to be false. Gunn has used Twitter to dispel a number of rumors, whether they originated from invalid web pages or even trades. As per the latest report, Wonder Woman is not in the studio’s initial plans, while Ezra Miller will continue to play Flash after their solo movie. 

The DCU slate’s duration was another point of contention. Also, fans didn’t wait long to ask Gunn about the veracity of the most recent news. Gunn outright denied the Wonder Woman report, saying: “it’s not true.” Regarding Miller’s Flash role, Gunn asserted that he was unaware of the rumors swirling around the actor following the launch of their respective films in June. But according to the head of DC Studios, their lineup would last 8 to 10 years. Consequently, some projects may be revealed this month!

James Gunn’s Record Of Countering Rumors

It’s a culture of Hollywood that false rumors spread like fire in the forest, doesn’t matter if it’s the superhero genre or not. Gunn, however, is one of those names known to quickly respond to any rumors informing the public whether it’s correct or incorrect. Before Gunn joined DC Studios in his current role, he would frequently address rumors regarding the projects he was working on at both DC and Marvel. 

Additionally, Gunn has previously addressed reports that originated from the trades. One recent illustration claimed that Gunn’s new DC Universe would allegedly involve Robert Pattinson’s Batman. He has repeatedly said that nobody else, besides him and Safran, is fully aware of their plans for the DC Universe. There are a few significant components of DC Studios’ plans that have been revealed over the past two months – with the majority of their plans remaining under folds.

Moreover, apart from the fact that Cavill’s Superman period is over, and Wonder Woman is not going forward – Gunn negated several other claims. He first revealed to the public that he is writing a new Superman also, this time his focus will be representing a young Clark. Now fans just have to wait and see what Gunn has to offer as information regarding some aspects of DCU may be released this month.

James Gunn’s efforts to dispel untrue information are helpful, but the public is eager to discover as much as possible about the DC Universe. Even though Gunn won’t disclose the entire strategy this month, knowing a few of his endeavors will be informative. Time will reveal what other figures will be included in that initial cast for the film series, excluding his Superman remake.

After recently confirming that the Green Lantern show is still in production, it’s going to be interesting to learn what Gunn says regarding the small screen. Uncertain if the HBO Max drama will truly happen in Gunn’s DCU. Let’s just hope Gunn will reveal the DCU news as soon as possible.



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