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James Hetfield, Metallica Frontman is Divorcing His Wife of 25 Years

by Clover Shaw
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James Hetfield, the co-founder, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and main songwriter of the world-popular Metallica, is back in the news. However, this time it is the family affair of 59 years old James that has come under the spotlight.

Sources close to James and Francesca informed me that James filed a divorce against Francesca Hetfield earlier this year in Colorado. Surprisingly, the divorce proceeding was never reported, enabling the couple to keep it under wraps.

The couple is seemingly still in touch with each other for their mutual kids.

James and Francesca have been a couple for the last 25 years or so. They first met in 1992 and married in 1997. They have a son and two daughters from their marriage. In the past, James has credited Francesca for supporting him through hard times. She even handled his anger management issues.

In one interview, James highlighted his anger issues, saying that once, Francesca threatened to take away the kids if he couldn’t get a grip on his temper.

Francesca was James’ first marriage. The couple seemed happy, Francesca joining him on tour at times. They both are seen visiting various spots around the world.

Readers will find it interesting that James co-formed Metallica, the American heavy metal band, in 1981 in Los Angeles.



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