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Joe Turkel, the star cast of “The Shining,” dies at 94

by John Paul
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Joe Turkel, an actor best known for his roles as Joe in Blade Runner and The Shining, is no more. Variety reports that he died in Santa Monica at St. John’s Hospital. He was 94.

His most famous roles include the sinister bartender Lloyd in Stanley Kubrick’s flick ‘The Shining’ and the creator of artificial people in ‘Blade Runner.’

His family announced his death, saying he passed away peacefully with his two sons, Robert and Craig. Turkel was born in Brooklyn on July 15, 1927. He enlisted in Merchant Marines at the age of 17 and then joined the United States Army, where he saw active service in Europe during World War.

‘Deadline” notes that Turkel arrived in California in 1947 to pursue acting. His first credited film role was in ‘City Across the River’ the year following. Turkel was one of the only two actors who acted as a credited actor in three Stanley Kubrick films.

Joe rose to fame through supporting roles in three Stanley Kubrick films, including The Killing and Paths of Glory. He also played the role of Lloyd, the ghostly bartender, in his first feature, The Killing. He was also a key role in the 1982 Blade Runner as Eldon Tyrell, an eccentric replicant.

He appeared on T.V. in many episodes of shows like The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, Tales from the Darkside, S.W.A.T., Adam-12, Ironside, The Untouchables, Dragnet, Miami Vice, Bonanza, Ironside, The Andy Griffith Show, Ben Casey, and Sky King. In addition, he was the voice actor in a 1997 Blade Runner videogame spinoff.

The actor wrote a memoir titled “The Misery of Success” shortly before his death. The family intends to publish the book in late 2022.


Turkel has left his two sons-in-law, Craig Turkel and Annie Turkel, Robert and Casilde Stesti, his brother David Turkel, and two grandchildren, Ben and Sarah.



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