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John Williams debuts Indiana Jones 5’s “Helena’s Theme.”

by John Paul
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John Williams, 90-years old legendary composer, shared the first listen of Indiana Jones 5’s “Helena’s Theme” at the Maestro of the Movies Concert. The debut was for Helena, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, which is simply wonderful.

According to Slash Films, Williams performed the song with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra at Hollywood Bowl. Williams turned 90 in this event.

Williams also shared some details about Helena and the co-star Harrison Ford’s Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana Jones,” Jr., along with the music.

“She’s an adventuress, and she’s also a femme fatale,” Williams said. “She’s many, many things. She has lyrical music like an old movie star, which she looks like except she’s young and beautiful and wonderful.”

He also spoke about why the music was not released in time for Indiana Jones 5. While the music is released, the movie won’t be available until June 30, 2023. William said:

“[I was] having a chat with our wonderful director, Jim Mangold, who’s the most fantastic man, and last week as we recorded the music, Jim said, ‘Why don’t you play it at the Bowl next week?’ I said, ‘Well, Jim, the picture’s not coming out until next year.’ ‘That doesn’t matter! Play it at the Bowl!’ So here is Phoebe’s theme,”

As for Mangold, he took to Twitter to express his admiration for Williams and to say what an honor it was to work with him.

“This man is so gifted, charming & in love w/ making his art, even at 90,” Mangold wrote. “Astonishing to consider the worldwide impact of John’s music & his ability to tune modern ears into the passion & purity of an orchestra. It’s a euphoric honor to collaborate w/ him.”

After the successful debut of the music, we expect a booming release of Indiana Jones 5 in June 2023.



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