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Jurassic World Dominion: Not what we expected

by John Paul
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The first Jurassic flick hit the screens in 1993. The movie set the trend in cinema, bringing prehistoric animals to life spectacularly. The graphics and a new concept mesmerized viewer. In addition, the plot revolved around the advanced DNA, making viewers feel closer to the truth.

It was an amazing feat of computer graphics of the kind that had never been seen in real-time. Since then, many films are now featuring superior computer graphics. Some even have an overdose of these. After the first Jurassic Park, several more parts were added to the original movie, making it a popular Hollywood series. Some made a big hit at the box office, while others could not make a long-lasting impact. The latest release of the series hit the cinemas this June.

Jurassic World Dominion, unfortunately, could not make a positive impact on any level. Colin Trevorrow has written a formulaic, generic, and tedious screenplay. The plot is set in a captivating backdrop. However, it lacks the age-old but fascinating idea of humans dealing with the chaos alien creatures evoke on Earth. The entire cast is divided into two storylines, emphasizing bland and nonsensical espionage and rescue missions.

Moreover, the characters could not have gone through more lousy treatment. The main focus point of the saga, the dinosaurs, are put on the back burner throughout the long runtime. The action scenes are not up to the level, sometimes indiscernible due to erratic filming and editing. The visuals, score, and cast are the only elements that might save the movie from being a complete shipwreck. But they are not enough to save the new release from miserable failure.

Going back to the previous movies, the original Jurassic Park and its sequel have undeniable quality in the plot and direction. Perhaps, it is because the former parts were somewhat adapted from source novels written by Michael Crichton.

Steven Spielberg’s expert direction in the prequels gave a finishing and impactful touch to the strong screenplay and captivating plot. But after the first two Jurassic movies, things began to move downhill for the dinosaur saga. First, the original ending of the trilogy in Jurassic Park III failed to finish with a bang. It was only a whimper. The recent release, Jurassic World Dominion, became the icing on a disastrous cake, dousing the viewers’ enthusiasm.

Dominion’s story picks up a couple of years after the previous flick. It resulted in a gap that deprived the viewers of all the terror, chaos, war, and conflict scenes. All these elements could have made the movie more action-packed and interesting. Instead, viewers had to be stuck in a time when humans live with dinosaurs.  They are used to other strange animals and nature conflicts, which moves the movie away from run-and-chase thrill.

We can easily pinpoint the elements that contributed to the failure of this movie. First, the critics have highlighted the storyline as very erratic and irrational. The story failed to explain and segregate the double storyline and its settings. One minute the movie will take you into a James Bond-type run and chase sequence through overcrowded markets and streets. Next, you will see Pratt riding a motorbike into the back of a plane. Only that the scene will arouse nothing but a reminder that how much better Tom Cruise picturized it in Mission Impossible films.

The action scenes lack originality. It’s a badly put-together mix inspired by MI, The Winged Serpent. There is an Indiana Jones drivel involving Neill’s hat. A lot of running around lair sets are taken from Austin Power’s nemesis, Dr. Evil.

The plus side is only for Goldblum fans. They adore his best shots when he mysteriously moves his hair, body, and face turning even the most mundane lines into a verbal discovery for viewers. It will distract our attention from the weak character given to us. The only acting scope for him in the movie is telling his employers that they are making an awful mistake.

The effects also failed to add any value to the movie with a mix of animatronics and computer graphics. The sound and graphic effects lack the awe, which was Spielberg’s nail-biting game-changing direction trademark. The composer, Michael Giacchino, mundanely measured everything, troweling on the “piano-sad/strings-exciting” themes indifferently and ordinarily.

Overall, Jurassic World Dominion should have been an epic conclusion to the saga. Instead, it became a total disappointment for viewers and all other stakeholders.



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