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Kevin Feige might use his favorite Comic-Con stage to announce Avengers 5.

by John Paul
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The MCU is currently going through an enormous reshuffle of hierarchy, power, and new additions. The Avengers fleet is in phase 4 at the moment. Already, the new releases have introduced many characters to the audience. We expect to see them unite at a point to collaboratively fight the supervillains of the show. The previous Infinity Stones saga finished with Endgame and said goodbye to almost all the members of Avengers’ veteran team. While phase 4 is setting a base for the fresh ones who will join the team of Earth’s mightiest heroes.

There are many who were still unaffected by the news of a new Avengers team. However, the buzz that Avengers 5 is on the horizon will reboot their excitement for MCUs upcoming projects. Technically, it will be the first movie showcasing the newly introduced superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The world of MCU fans is buzzing with numerous speculations. Kevin Feige is saying they are taking their time to bring the new heroes on screen in the best possible way. Amid all this, the latest reports seem to be a ray of hope for MCU fans. The reports say Kevin Feige might announce the Avenger 5 on his favorite Comic-Con stage this year.

With many exciting projects in the pipeline, the news of Avengers 5 is icing on the cake. According to a Screenrant report, the Comic-Con stage will take Kevin Feige on board at San Diego this Saturday. Nothing could be as incredible as the Comic-Con 2022 platform to green-lit the project. It is the same platform where big players announce the most awaited projects every year.

Meanwhile, we can reaffirm the news, going back to last year when Nate Moore, the producer of Eternals, mentioned Avengers 5. He spoke that how the big players at Marvel studios are shaping it. Nothing has been confirmed yet. It can be either a standalone Avenger movie or some collaborative plot with all the heroes barging at once on a supervillain. We assume that people will come and see it if the storyline is interesting enough to debut the new Avengers.



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