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List of top 10 powerful Jedi in the Star Wars universe

by John Paul
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If you don’t know much about Star Wars but are curious, here are some facts: George Lucas founded the American heroic space multimedia series Star Wars. It started with the self-titled 1977 movie and swiftly gained acclaim in pop culture all across the globe.

It’s definitely difficult to limit the Star Wars Universe to simply the films because it is such a vast concept. With brand-new movies and video games, there has never been a more exciting period to be a Star Wars geek. This blog is all about the main heroic protagonists(Jedi) of the Star Wars franchise.

The Jedi are a secret society dating back over a thousand years. They are Force-sensitive creatures of many ethnicities, sizes, and forms. They have sworn to defend peace and harmony inside the Galactic Republic. So, here’s the list of the top 10 Jedi in Star Wars movies. Let’s dive in!

Ki-Adi-Mundi | StarWars.com

Image Courtesy: Starwars.com

Ki-Adi Mundi

This Cerean, a warrior in the Star Wars universe, is on the list for his sheer classiness. As he was beloved by almost everyone in the Jedi council, he got the freedom that few could earn. The Jedi were never interested in combat because they were renowned as peacemakers first and warriors last. But when the signal for war lit green, Mundi would snap heads as few could.

His life was altered during the Fight at Cerea when he lost his whole family. He became an even more devoted and superior Jedi due to this. Many from the evil side feared him. Due to his wisdom and bravery on the battlefield, he became the Jedi Master and was respected by everyone.

Kit Fisto | StarWars.com

Image Courtesy: Starwars.com

Kit Fisto

Fisto may be the most attractive Jedi you have seen in a while, but that doesn’t indicate he isn’t a force to be reckoned with. He assisted in leading clones in the battle with Droids(robotic entities), later making him the Jedi Legend. Additionally, he had the reputation of coming dangerously close to executing General Grievous(Droid army commander). Without security assistance, Fisto might have killed the General there and then.

Fistos ability to fight underwater puts him above any other. It’s amazing what he can do underwater that others couldn’t, even on land.


Jacen Solo 1 by LordScythican on @DeviantArt | Darth caedus, Star wars outfits, Star wars fandom

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Jacen Solo

You might be wondering why Jacen is on the list, but let me clear one thing – before turning to the evil side, he was one hell of a Jedi. His uncle(Luke Skywalker) trained him at the age of 13, which allowed him to grasp the force. Like every Jedi, Jacen encouraged peace, but one battle turned his life when his brother was killed. So he had to take the reign after his brother, even though he was not sure he could take this responsibility.

However, the enemy abducted him and forced him to side with the evil stance. Eventually, he managed to escape but dreamed about killing his uncle Luke and the Galaxy would demolish on its own. But the plot is that if he joins forces with Sith, nothing of this sort will happen. So, he turned to the dark side to fulfill his destiny. He did all this just to save the galaxy. However, turned out to be the most deadly Sith.

Know your Lore: Nomi Sunrider

Image Courtesy: SWTOR

Nomi Sunrider

Many thought there was no chance for a female to enter the Jedi world and be as great as men. Nomi not only entered but showed everyone that it was not true! Now she is called THE female Jedi. Initially, she was married to a Jedi(Andur Sunrider) and was a normal human female. When Nomi’s husband was killed by Bogga(the Hutts soldiers), she held his lightsaber and went to complete what her husband had started.

While in doing so, she became the Jedi knight and became capable of beating anyone in her way. Her turning point was when she fought in a Sith war and came out undefeated. Then she gradually got higher in the ranks and became the Jedi head, an honor for anyone.

Is Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode 9? | POPSUGAR Entertainment

Image Courtesy: POP Sugar Ent

Anakin Skywalker

He was trained by the greatest Obi-Wan Kenobi and grew up as the amazing Jedi of his time. His only problem was his anger, which took him down to the evil side. Like other Jedis, Skywalker was having visions, and it was about his wife dying in childbirth. Palpatine enters the picture due to his growing desperation to save his wife’s life. He was the Lord Sidious and manipulated Anakin, who would save his wife’s life if he came into his mentorship.

After the fight with his former mentor and believing his wife(Amalda) had passed, he turned completely to the dark side. After that, he became the right hand to Emperor Palpatine and hunted the Jedi for years.

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi Will See Mace Windu Back in Action

Image Courtesy: CBR

Mace Windu

He is the one that no one should take lightly if it’s about Jedi order. Moreover, he is the one and only one who created Vaapad, a lightsaber form. It is one of the most violent and aggressive forms, and one needs to focus on the attack ultimately. However, he is the only one who doesn’t side with evil while using this lightsaber.

Mace Windu then captured Palpatine in the battle of Geonosis until Anakin Skywalker betrayed him. This is the battle where the great Jedi champion met his death.

Disney+ confirms its Obi-Wan Kenobi series will begin shooting in 2020 - The Verge

Image Courtesy: The Verge

Obi-Wan Kenobi

He is among the most important characters in the Star Wars universe. He was trained by Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn and would teach two other key figures, Anakin and Luke Skywalker. People believed that he even surpassed his mentor.

Kenobi was the first to defeat the Sith Lord in 1000 years. After surviving Order 66, he would face off against General Grievous and end his life. When Anakin Skywalker betrayed the Jedi, Kenobi chased and defeated him in battle. Unfortunately, he didn’t murder him, as this would have been crucial for the galaxy. Instead, the Dark Side gained more power due to Darth Vader’s survival.

Why Luke Skywalker is the Greatest Star Wars Character | Fanfare

Image Courtesy: Medium

Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s youthful student, will grow on to succeed as a savior for the Republic. He could battle with any person with a lightsaber and was a great flyer. Additionally, Luke was the one who raided the dark Empire and fought with his father. On this, the Emperor offered to team up with him, which he denied.

Then the angry Emperor mustered all his troops to take Luke out. When Anakin saw his son in pain and agony, he learned nothing was worth seeing his only son in pain. At this time, Anakin decided to help his son. In doing so, he decided to take the Emperor out on his own and lose his own life.

8 Powerful Quotes From Yoda, the OG Wellness Guru | by Shine | Thrive Global | Medium

Image Courtesy: Medium


Yoda is the first to come to mind when you think of Star Wars. He is the ultimate sorcerer, which is why this is the case. We undoubtedly quote him frequently, even without realizing it, because of his legendary knowledge. In fact, several of the Jedis in the list are trained by him, who then prepared other important figures.

However, without him, there could be no Jedis. He was the Jedi Master and the head of the Jedi council for extended periods. Moreover, he was a great fighter but wouldn’t prefer to be involved in any battle. Instead, his main goal was to provide knowledge and wisdom to young ones and train them.

Plo Koon | StarWars.com

Image Courtesy: Starwars.com

Plo Koon

Koon was an experienced fighter who could defeat most sword fighters in the Star Wars universe. As a result, Koon was frequently chosen for adventures that required great lightsaber troops. He began his professional life as a Jedi Caretaker but later rose to the rank of Jedi General.

Additionally, being skilled with a lightsaber, Koon served as a starfighter pilot who could take on any foe and prevail. If it weren’t for Senator Palpatine, Koon might have withstood any fight ahead of him. He was in charge of carrying out Order 66. This instruction altered the clones, which made them flip against the Jedi they had previously been fighting.



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