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Mark Ruffalo bashed for calling Marvel more imaginative than Star Wars

by Clover Shaw
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Star Wars fans are intensively lashing out on Twitter, calling out Mark Ruffalo for his claim that Star Wars is not as imaginative as Marvel. Recently, Mark Ruffalo criticized the Star Wars franchise, calling their films ‘repetitive’.

Ruffalo claimed, “If you watch a Star Wars, you’re pretty much going to get the same version of Star Wars each time.” The comment provoked Star War fans on Twitter. Critics, including Eric Snider, jumped up to defend Star Wars, criticizing Ruffalo for his comment, “This is obviously untrue,” Snider Twitted, “but in fairness to Mark Ruffalo, I doubt he’s ever watched an MCU movie.”

Originally, Ruffalo’s comment was an attempt to defend Marvel when he was asked about too many new MCU projects in the works. In response, the actor said he is not worried. However, his unfavorable comparison of the creativity of the MCU and Star Wars raised a thread of online backlash.

fan response

Some users were flippant in their reaction. For example, a user commented using Star Wars’ most popular projects. “Me watching The Mandalorian thinking its Revenge of the Sith,” they said, “because according to Mark Ruffalo, all Star Wars is the same.”

Some fans chose to laugh at the statements, while others took the opportunity to mock Marvel’s treatment of its employees. One Twitter user commented, “Marvel paid Mark Ruffalo to say the MCU is better than Star Wars to distract everybody from the heinous human rights violations they’re about to commit against their VFX artists and animators next.”

Fan Reply

It is not the first time Marvel has been criticized for treating its employees poorly. There have been numerous reports that Marvel’s SFX teams were pushed to the limits in order to meet production deadlines. This was in addition to the negative reaction the company received via Twitter. The claims were further substantiated by a Guardians of the Galaxy employee who accused the corporation of underpaying its special effects staff and overworking them.



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