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Marvel ends the MCU’s Civil War once and for all.

by Clover Shaw
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Sokovia Accords’ conclusion in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode 8 marks the end of the MCU’s Civil War. Not only did the Avengers split up due to the events of Captain America: Civil War, but the Sokovia Accords also made it illegal for some superheroes to continue their missions. Audiences remained fixated on the legal document impact. Arguably, even more than the consequence of the fight between the two Avengers teams. Phase 4 has hinted at the status of the Sokovia Accords intermittently, but She-Hulk episode 8 provides a definitive response.

During the legal dispute between Jennifer Walters and Matt Murdock, Daredevil casually mentions that the Sokovia Accords have been revoked. This quote from She-Hulk affirms that the Sokovia Accords are no longer effective in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Although it makes the most sense for them to have been repealed during The Blip, the specific date is unknown. The Sokovia Accords were still in force in Phase 4, according to WandaVision. Therefore, their repudiation is a recent development. Nevertheless, She-Hulk terminated the Sokovia Accords, which explains why so many superheroes have been active in Phase 4.

As She-Hulk has confirmed that the Sokovia Accords are no longer valid, the future of the MCU is now entirely different. Heroes and villains can once again act whenever and wherever they like without worrying about getting into conflict with the law or being imprisoned in The Raft. Of course, this does not imply that heroes can act however they choose without consequence. This is because organizations like Damage Control and others continue to exist in an effort to rein in superheroes. But for the sake of the MCU’s future, the repercussions of rejecting the Sokovia Accords have been set aside.

The dramatic climax of Captain America: Civil War alters how viewers may view current and upcoming events. Many believed that Damage Control’s targeting of superheroes like Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel was due to their implementation of the Sokovia Accords. She-Hulk’s confirmation that they are no longer in power suggests this is not the case. So, it alters the actions taken by Damage Control’s legal ramifications. The Sokovia Accords’ termination also means that it is no longer true to say that they were going to play a role in creating the Thunderbolts team or approving their conduct.

The MCU’s decision to end the Sokovia Accords is a mistake?

She-Hulk Clarifying the Sokovia Accords’ status is good for the MCU, but eliminating their power might not be the best course of action. The Sokovia Accords served as the foundation for all that happened after Captain America: Civil War. Even Hawkeye and Ant-Man made compromises to make their plots work, so it hardly impacted the franchise significantly. The MCU missed the chance to demonstrate what it’s truly like to violate the Sokovia Accords or what it would have looked like for global governments to direct heroes where and when to engage in combat. Instead, the Sokovia Accords are terminated in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, which has the opposite effect to what Phase 4 may have done to make up for it.



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