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Marvel expected to reveal Blade’s return at Comic-Con 2022 in the strangest way.

by John Paul
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Marvel’s Blade is returning to slay MCU vampires. However, the MCU players will announce its return in the weirdest way on the Comic-Con stage this year.

Nothing is confirmed yet. But we can feel that the Daywalker is lurking in the shadows somewhere at the far end of the MCU projects list. And it is in San Diego that Marvel is expected to trigger a new era with Blade bearing the flag. No one says or knows a lot about the project, but the audience is eagerly waiting for this unique entry into MCU.

Fans have always seen Blade, the vampire slayer, as Marvel’s hallmark character. Previously, we have seen the plot narration in three movies, a TV series, and an anime adaptation. Kevin Feige mentioned plans for a Blade project in 2016. In 2019, he announced the project development with Mahershala Ali in the title role. Ali is known for his role in the TV series Luke Cage. Since then, we have been hearing news of other supernatural projects like Werewolf by Night, the MCU’s Halloween special. The sources also say that the character will make an offscreen cameo in the Eternals.

According to the tidbits of news, Blade is coming. However, we have reasons to believe that being a true vampire hunter, he’ll appear at an unexpected place and time. We know that Werewolf by Night is coming on screen as MCU’s new horror title. With the horror project in the line of view, we can deduce that Blade will appear to introduce himself. After all, MCU is known for setting up vital twists and characters through Disney+. For instance, MCU has used Loki, WandaVision, The Falcon, and the Winter Soldier, on Disney+. All these shows have introduced plots and characters like Black Widow and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Black Widow. Also, Werewolf by Night’s plot coincides with Blade’s concept, and Comic-Con is an ideal platform. Therefore, Marvel won’t leave its fans high and dry when they are eager to hear Blade updates.

Although the new MCU horror series has less promotion than other Marvel projects, it is the perfect conduit for Blade’s character. Getting into the details of Werewolf by Night, we know that it is a slew of new MCU horror titles. The plot focuses on Jack Russell, who is afflicted with lycanthropy. It makes perfect sense that Marvel will use this storyline to cement a supernatural presence in the MCU. And it would be a vital arc after so many sci-fi projects.

Additionally, Werewolf by Night has Laura Donnelly playing the role of Elsa Bloodstone. It is quite indicative that monster hunters will play a significant role in the saga, with Blade among them. So, Werewolf by Night prominently featuring Blade will obviously whet fans’ appetites for a new movie in line with MCU and Disney+.

Looking back at 2019’s SDCC (San Diego Com-Con), it presented the official announcement of Blade. So, it makes sense that the same forum is ideal for another significant announcement. Particularly when it’s been long since any detail about the project is revealed, other than the tidbits about casting options. Moreover, a recent comic crossover between Werewolf by Night, the Bloodstone, and Blade series suggests that Marvel is tying the characters. It also secretly prepares the audiences for a live-action presence this October.

We can see the MCU is all set to sink its fangs into the realm of supernatural horrors. In this scenario, Blade seems one of the many upcoming projects in the same genre. It would be nothing short of a treat for the eyes of mutual fans of supernatural and Marvel. As Werewolf by Night, it seems like an ideal time for Marvel to reveal their vampire hunter as a Halloween treat. All being said, we are waiting for the coming SDCC and what news it will bring.



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