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Marvel’s Midnight Suns DLC expected to add Venom, Storm, & More.

by John Paul
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Several upcoming DLC characters, including Storm and Venom, appear to have been officially revealed via an unusual Marvel’s Midnight Suns marketing campaign. In the new tactical role-playing game, players can enlist Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to battle alongside them against Hydra and Lilith’s demonic Spawn. Now, Deadpool was recently teased by Marvel’s Midnight Suns when the naughty mutant took to the game’s social media accounts. Now the Merc with a Mouth has teased a number of additional Marvel figures as DLC heroes.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns, based on a cherished 1990s comic series, aims to highlight the paranormal aspect of the Marvel universe. Lilith, an evil sorceress dubbed the “Mother of All Demons,” is the major antagonist of the game. At the same time, other mystical heroes like Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, and Blade will also be playable characters. But Marvel’s Midnight Suns doesn’t just focus on ethereal superheroes. They will also have a sizable cast of non-magical heroes, featuring characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and more.

Recent tweets from Marvel’s Midnight Suns have revealed a number of characters that will be included in the game’s DLC Season Pass. Recently, Deadpool assumed control of the game’s Twitter account, and his presence makes it highly likely that he will be included in post-launch support. The formidable X-Men member Storm, who has the ability to control the weather, will also be included in the Season Pass, according to a recent tweet from Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Venom is the newest character to be revealed through Deadpool’s leaks; the symbiotic anti-hero will likely join the cast after serving as a villain in the main storyline.

The superhero strategy game is now scheduled to release on December 2, despite a dismal release date delay for Marvel’s Midnight Suns earlier this year. The 13 heroes included at launch will have their own deck of potent gaming powers, so the tactical RPG should be substantial. Outside of missions, players can also explore The Abbey. In this customizable hub, they can upgrade their equipment and communicate with their brave allies. DLC characters will complete this cast, presumably by bringing additional narrative elements and exciting new tasks.

On December 2, Marvel’s Midnight Suns will finally be launched. Developer Firaxis Games is already announcing post-launch features for the strategic superhero role-playing game. Since Deadpool, Storm, and Venom are some of Marvel’s most adored characters, comic book fans should be pleased with their addition to the cast. However, marvel’s Midnight Suns appear more concerned with just assembling a roster of fan-favorite heroes, even if they need to match the title’s emphasis on the otherworldly.



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