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Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus discuss the Future of Their WALKING DEAD Characters.

by Clover Shaw
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The final season of AMC’s popular zombie series, The Walking Dead, will wind up the story. However, fans are excited about the spin-off projects that AMC has in store for some of their most beloved characters. One show will narrate the story in the following chapter of Daryl Dixon’s life. Norman Reedus plays the famous part of Daryl Dixon. The series was supposed to be about the original characters Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus’). However, McBride pulled out of his commitment. They have repeatedly stated that they haven’t seen the last of the fan favorites characters. They repeated the same in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

When McBride was asked about Carol’s return, she said, “I feel like Carol has more story to tell.” She continued after a pause, “I’ll leave it at that.” With another pause and a sly grin, she further said, “I think she’s got some more story.” Reedus added

“Their journey’s not over. They will meet down the road. You can pretty much bet all your money. I read all these people whining about it, and I have to just keep my mouth shut, but there will be a lot of feet in a lot of mouths at some point.”

McBride may be hinting at Carol’s return, and Reedus utterly promises it. So then, what does Scott M. Gimple, chief content officer for Walking Dead, have to say about this? He replied:

“I mean, they both put it right. There’s just more story to tell. And I love both characters so much that we will be telling stories with each of them moving forward. And who knows beyond that? But I’ve never stopped talking to Melissa about this. I’m thrilled at the idea of it, and I’m very optimistic for the future of telling some cool Carol stories.”

So that seals the deal on that. It will be great to see Daryl and Carol back together one day. But, for now, we have Daryl’s show and the Rick and Michonne series to look forward to! Plus, Tales of The Walking Dead is airing now on AMC, and the final eight episodes of The Walking Dead are set to kick off on AMC on October 2nd.

So now, we can consider the deal sealed. It will be wonderful to see Carol and Daryl back together. Currently, we have Rick and Michonne series and Daryl’s show to look forward to! Moreover, Tales of the Walking Dead is presently airing on AMC. The final eight episodes of The Walking Dead will hit AMC on October 2nd.



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