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Minecraft Player revives the game with a strange bedroom design

by John Paul
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A Minecraft fan player has brought a part of the game to life by building a slightly weird but appropriate painting project in a Minecraft apartment. Real-life decorations in the game have become a unique form of art due to the game’s community members regularly coming up with innovative and exciting ideas.

A Minecraft player reflects his inventive mind by creating a sleek neon sword light. While the creation has the same item’s block-based structure, it seemed more like an outline of the neon-wired sword rather than an in-game weapon. In any case, the result is quite impressive, and a Minecraft user can easily recognize it. The player revealed that they first modeled the digital nightlife before printing the frame in 3D and attaching it with the neon. Meanwhile, other players have implemented the game’s aesthetic to accessories, furniture, and other elements of home decor.

Redditor hhornet has painted the wardrobe door to match Minecraft’s spruce door texture in an attempt to bring life to the Minecraft game. The player exclaims that the handmade Minecraft project was quite time-consuming. Still, eventually, it was worth the time and effort. The opted design perfectly fits the door’s solid surface, blending nicely with the interior. A dark oak door texture is another option. However, it would probably look out of place in such an ambiance. Reddit users have abundantly praised the creation, appreciating the concept of mixing up actual regular interiors with simplistic textures of the game. Some Redditors were highly impressed by hhornett’s creativity and were inspired to create something similar.

Although it is a strange creation, hhornett’s real-life Minecraft door bonds the room together. Note that another fan performed something similar by creating a homemade Minecraft double chest as a present for their son. However, in this case, the chest was not the spitting image of Minecraft’s item. Instead, it came out as a recognizable decoration with the signature shape and design of the game.

Coming back to the uncanny spruce door, the project seems directly taken out of Minecraft. It is a remarkable sample of DIY decor. You can create a similar elegant project with a bit of extra effort. It is fairly usual for Minecraft fans to integrate in-game items into their regular lives by overfilling sofas with Creeper pillows. However, in comparison, hhornett’s project looks far more creative and unique.



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