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Mutants to enter Marvel Universe through The Marvels.

by John Paul
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Mutants are now officially revealed in Marvel Cinematic Universe in a Disney+ show. While Dr. Xavier’s cameo in Dr. strange movie is also significant. The emergences show that mutants will soon enter MCU, and the platform will be The Marvels. The mutant revealed at the end of the Ms. Marvel series points towards the two big X-Men rumors on the horizon. So it is a strong possibility that it could happen in The Marvels.

Currently, the X-Men are not at the core of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though the department of Damage Control has called anyone with powers “enhanced humans.” Moreover, no one has directly mentioned mutants until the Ms. Marvel season 1 finale. In the final episode of Ms. Marvel, Bruno tests Kamala Khan, revealing that her DNA possesses the elements of mutation. Officially, it is the first time that the concept of mutants has appeared in the MCU’s Earth-616. On the other hand, The Earth-838 universe already has mutants. We can confirm it by Professor X’s appearance in Doctor Strange’s recent Multiverse flick.

These are only these two mutant references in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for now. And both references are made in MCU’s Phase 4. Since the events happened in the initial stage of Phase 4, we can expect the mutants to emerge in Marvel Universe. Also, we know now that Ms. Marvel also has mutant elements in her DNA. All these can heavily change matters for the Marvel Universe. Particularly if Ms. Marvel is the first mutant on Earth-616 introduced to the viewers.

The Marvel team includes Kamala Khan, Monica Rambeau, and Carol Danvers. The two most expected cast members can team up with the Marvels in the upcoming MCU movie. Rogue from X-Men and the Starjammers are most likely to appear in The Marvels. Starjammers are the X-Men’s version of MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy. They are a rag-tag team and space pirates like the Guardians. Rogue is a mutant with the superpower to absorb and snip people’s powers, physical strength, memories, and superpowers if there are any. The theory indicates that the star jammers will provide a home for Captain Marvel as the Guardians did for Thor. The appearance of mutants in the Captain Marvel sequel is much more probable as Kamala has been confirmed to be a mutant.

Rogue can appear as the story’s supervillain in the Marvels due to her first appearance as a bad guy in the comics. Her inclusion as a cast member further solidifies X-Men’s appearance in the forthcoming MCU movie, and not just in one. If she ends up in The Marvels, she will trigger the audience’s desire to enjoy the X-Men stars in the MCU. Roge has been portrayed to cause Carol Danver’s downfall in the comics when she stole her powers and memories. The comics depict constant bad blood between Carol Denver and the Rogue. Her appearance will most likely spell a great villain for Marvel’s cast. Since Ms. Marvel is also a mutant, a mutant antagonist would be fitting for Kamala’s first MCU movie.

The Starjammers can be included in the movie to follow the storyline where Carol Danvers retreats from the earth after losing everything and travels with the Starjammers. The Starjammers could be providing a place where Danvers can find solace. Her exploits with the Starjammers would also explain her whereabouts during the post-blip five years. If Starjammers appear as lovable as the Guardians of the Galaxy, they will receive a warm welcome from MCU fans.

We think that the inclusion of these two mutant entities in The Marvels would brighten up MCU’s future several notches more.



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